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Title: 95 3.5 Timing Belt Job Parts List?
Post by: takenoheroes on May 03, 2018, 05:42:39 PM
Can't seem to find a timing belt kit for my car besides a Dayco one I believe. I ordered the tensioner, crank pulley bolt/washer, thermostat and a few other things from the dealer since I can get employee pricing at the one up in Denver and everyone seems to suggest OEM parts for those. I have a belt(Gates), both pulleys(Gates) and a water pump(AISIN) saved in a cart on Rock Auto but figured I'd get some advice before ordering all of that. As well as a parts list is there a good post with instructions? I've yet to check Youtube but I believe someone said there is a video out there for doing it. Thanks in advance!
Title: Re: 95 3.5 Timing Belt Job Parts List?
Post by: Crumb on May 03, 2018, 06:27:44 PM
 sounds like a good list, maybe add cam and crank seals
Title: Re: 95 3.5 Timing Belt Job Parts List?
Post by: takenoheroes on May 04, 2018, 01:32:43 PM
Got those along with intake manifold, throttle body and valve covers. Also ordered the gaskets for the coolant manifold on the back of the engine because it's also leaking. I see people talking about some O-rings in the valley of the engine, anyone have a diagram and part numbers for those?
Title: Re: 95 3.5 Timing Belt Job Parts List?
Post by: PA_JERO on May 11, 2018, 11:48:29 PM
While your in there, replace the 3 small hoses behind the water pump. You will see them. At least I think there's 3. They are small and directly behind the water pump, and if you don't replace them, you will be taking everything apart again in a year just to replace those boogers. You may also become the guy who says your water pump leaks but that's not what's leaking. Not fun to have to go back, do it now while your in there.
Title: Re: 95 3.5 Timing Belt Job Parts List?
Post by: CharlieN on May 12, 2018, 03:08:48 AM
As you get around to actually doing this job, one word of caution. When you get down to removing the crank pulley, be very careful since the pulley is tight in the timing pulley behind it.
The outer pulley itself is not mounted to the crankshaft, it locates on the front of the timing pulley and is clocked with a dowel pin that commonly gets destroyed by those not used to this task.
When the engine is at TDC the 3 blades of the crank sensor will interfere with the hall sender such that if the timing pulley slides forward it will destroy the sensor.
You either need to make sure the main crank pulley comes off without moving the timing pulley or turn the motor such that the timing blades are out of the sensor.

I go about this by leaving the crank bolt in place but backed off a number of turns then with a soft hammer tap sideways on the crank pulley rocking it so it releases slowly and controllably.

Paying attention when removing the crank pulley will reduce the need to rush out for another hundred in parts.

After that the rest of the job is a straight forward PIA.
The passenger side cams are very hard to hold in timing such that the plastic timing tools marketed for the 3000GT are very handy.

The small water hose from the front of the heads have been mentioned already. How are your valve cover gaskets?

This can be a 20+ Hr job so allow the time for it.