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Title: 1995 SR Fuse #11 shorting out
Post by: Minerrick on June 01, 2018, 09:00:03 PM
MY Monty has 110,000 miles on it and just recently, the 10a fuse "11 in the under-dash fuse box started burning out. At first, I could drive it for several hours until it popped, but no all I do is turn on the ignition on and it pops, when I turn the key to start. When it popps, it makes it so the speedo, tach, odometer, all the gauges and idiot lights no longer work. What still works is the 4WD light and the light that shows me which gear I am in. After dark, the dash lights turn on so I can see the dash, but none of the indicators work. I've been driving it around trying to see if there is any pattern to this. One thing I noticed is when I push in the Overdrive button, it doesn't seem to shift into a higher gear now. Here is a list of what I have done fairly recently that could possibly have affected it:

Swapped out the electric adjustable shocks to some KYB's, I took the electrical wires and just ziptied them up and out of the way without covering them with tape or cutting them (could that be it?)
Recently changed the stereo to put in an alpine stereo.... I had the installer put a switch inline to the antenna, so I could keep it from going up if I wasn't listening to the radio

It really bothers me to drive without gauges and i'd like to fix. Anyone have any  ideas?
Title: Re: 1995 SR Fuse #11 shorting out
Post by: Crumb on June 01, 2018, 09:14:09 PM
Hate to be Captain Obvious but it sounds like you have a bare wire that was toughing ground once in a while and now it's finally arc'd itself to the ground. First thing you should do is check the wiring that has been messed with recently (have a new problem? Start by checking what the last guy worked on). My guess is something to do with the stereo install, "Audio Express! You're home of the $1 wire fire!".
 There are a lot of sharp edges behind the stereo, i could totally see a tech pulling on the harness and stripping a wire of it's shielding. Hopefully it'll be an easy find, good luck.
Title: Re: 1995 SR Fuse #11 shorting out
Post by: Minerrick on June 02, 2018, 09:08:23 AM
But, the stereo isn't on that circuit, is it? I would think that the overdrive not working would be an indication. Would an electrical connection involving the overdrive short out the gauges? That's the only "other" thing that is a symptom other than an obvious short.