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Title: Fuel Injection Fusilble Link, blowing
Post by: bikerjosh on November 16, 2018, 01:45:21 PM
Fuel Injection fusible link blowing? So while this happened a couple times over the last year and a half replacing the fusible link with a new 20amp would fix it.
Today while running errands it blew again. Being about 5 miles from home and not having any links with me I pulled  the 30A  from rear defroster (yes, I know upping the amp rating is a no no; figured in an emergency I could get away with it) 30A fusible link blew as soon as i turned the key.  Waiting for a tow truck to bring it back to my house.
Question time, anyone have this happen and/or point me in the most likely direction for finding the short causing the link to blow? 

Figure it is either an injector, part of harness,  etc.
Previous to this I replaced the crank position sensor, and while I was doing that tested both fuel pump and fuel injection relays to make sure they were working both checked out.
Title: Re: Fuel Injection Fusilble Link, blowing
Post by: bikerjosh on November 21, 2018, 02:17:09 PM
To add an update to this, inspections of various wiring (looking for signs of melting)has not yielded any results.
On working on the truck a couple days later I replaced the fusible link and vehicle started. Ran it in place until it was up to temp, 200 degrees via gauge hoping to duplicate conditions. Finally shut it down after 20 minutes.
Seems to happen (blow a fuse) only at temp possible under load.

I looked in FSM, but section 90 (electrical schematics) is not covered for Monteros in the one that included 98ís.
Anyone know where the wiring schematic is for the montero. Going to have to start tracing every circuit/wire that is connected to fuel injection system.