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Title: Gen 3 not up shifting...
Post by: Chautauqua on December 05, 2018, 01:57:19 PM
I posted this on fbook but wanted to push it over here.

December 3 at 7:58 PM
First drive today of my new to me 2-owner 205K mile 2005 Gen 3.5. I just had the t-belt, bolt, tensioner, and water pump replaced and they serviced the transmission. The fluid looked like it had been changed recently.
Upon first drive it would not upshift either manually or automatically and held in gear. The front wheel/four wheel indicator lights are flashing even after cycling it through 4hi to 4 low and back to 2wd. Any thoughts other than transmission replacement?
It was not running when purchased. I will pull codes tomorrow as I didn't bring my scan tool to pick it up.
I cross posted this from the local page hoping to find some more eyes to the issue. I have downloaded the FSM for Gen 3 but haven't found the diagnosed issue as the Gen 3 FSM is less searchable.

Thanks, Ross