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Title: Considering a Gen 2 again.
Post by: B.N.Z.MTNS on September 17, 2020, 06:24:58 AM
Well, itís been a couple years since Iíve been on here since I sold my 95 LS.   Family life happened and we needed cash for some other things, so the toys had to go. However, I am considering another capable rig again and still miss many aspects of the Gen 2 Montero.

I have purposely avoided looking for any because I remember there isnt a huge aftermarket or product support like there is for the other household names (Cherokee, 4Runner,, etc.)... but, then I also remember these are more comfortable and will out perform those other products in stock condition and have many factory do dadĎs not offered by competitors.

 So my big question for this Monteiro/Pajero Subculture isÖ Is there still a solid support group for these rigs? Or have most jumped ship to the newer rigs with more product support?

Iíve got my eyes on a 95 SR with fairly low miles (under 100,000).  It needs a few things like CV boots, unknown of timing has ever been done, plus some general elbow grease to get the thing cleaned up. Iím just wondering if there is still any kind of a following for these?  I donít care about popularity, but I still like to have reliable resources and knowledgeable people out there to consult with as things break or I consider more modifications.

Anyway, thoughts or opinions are welcomed.
Title: Re: Considering a Gen 2 again.
Post by: IncorpoRatedX on September 25, 2020, 02:45:41 PM
More than ever.

Instagram is covered with them, Multiple Facebook groups by chassis and regional groups.

This place is mostly a tech repository now.