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Gen 3 Montero / Re: MAP sensor reporting boost under load/truck stalling
« on: October 22, 2017, 03:45:29 PM »
I have had same issue with mine for over a year now and have thrown parts and have seen nothing positive happen. The one common denominator for me is the delayed start. I can crank and crank forever. The common denominator for me is that it will always be a hard start after 60degrees outside. and if its 35 degrees outside at night forget it starting. over the summer and warmer months it started just fine and had same symptoms as you had above....such as hesitation while running....blips here and there like it would cut off and on briefly...would stall at idle sometimes... I have replaced fuel pump relays, MAF, fuel pump and filter,brand new crank position sensor, new camshaft position sensor(a PITA to install BTW), a new Engine coolant temp sensor,  and all to no avail. NOTHING has worked. Just recently i thought forsure it was MAF and checked that and then it still delayed start.

I have a block heater on mine so I have plugged it in when temps drop to keep me going, but if i am anywhere too long and it sits in the cold i am screwed. VERY VERY Frustrating because i am usually a person that can troubleshoot and figure this out and havent been able to  for over a year now. Next thing I was thinking it could be was the Throttle body, but there is nothing temperature dependant in there. So I am not sure. Just following and googling and more googling and more scouring trying to find any bit of info that would pertain to it.

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