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Build Threads / WaTaBi Montero Guy's Build Journey
« on: February 01, 2018, 11:11:24 PM »
The strangest thing happened to me the other day while watching Animal Planet. It was as if David Attenborough himself reached into my inner spirit animal's heart and spoke this awesome reality into existence...I AM AN OVERLANDER. I can't believe I never realized it before that day. I mean, the signs were everywhere on YouTube and Instagram, not to mention that I was about to get tons of dough with my tax return. It couldn't all be a coincidence that I would see Jeeps and stuff like everyday. The universe was trying to tell me something, and I was finally listening.

Right then another thought dawned on me. “If I'm going to be the next Jacques Cousteau of my local state park campgrounds, I need a sweet-looking safari mobile to take pictures of!” The thrill of this self-realization sent me straight to the internet to find some inspiration for my super sweet rig. And guess what I found! Land-freakin'-Rover, baby! Best 4x4 ever. All the O.G. overlanders like Jeremy Clarkson and Bear Grylls knew what was up, and that's why they didn't leave home without it. I was just about to hit the “Buy Now” button on this mint Discovery (the guy selling it said it started right up the last time he ran it two years ago) when my mom came down the basement stairs with some cookies. She slammed them janks to the ground and said, ”What the heck are you doing!? You're a freaking American hero. Not some plucky German, content to drive Hitler's 4x4 of the people.”

And you know what? She was right. It was time to get serious about this and buy something with the key American automotive virtues of reliability and patriotism. And guess what? Nothing screams the American spirit of rebellious nonconformity quite like the Toyota Land Cruiser. 'Merica! boyyyy...just like Amelia Earhart used to say. I was just about to call this guy about his good-as-new 650,000 mile 80-series when my girlfriend texts me saying, “You can't spend money on me, but you can afford a $20K truck!? wth!?!?” Just kidding. Surprisingly, I don't have a girlfriend. And good thing too, cuz that means I get to spend my $800 tax return however I want. Dave Ramsey would say.

So with my $800 chunk of potential I hit up the pages of AutoTrader for those hidden barn finds. Strange month I guess, because the only four wheel drives going for that cheap were some Fast and the Furious rice boxes called Monteros. Crap. Everybody knows that the Koreans can't build a car to save their lives. I hate to admit it, but I cried a little bit. I'd finally discovered my life's calling after 36 years of aimless wandering only to run into an aristocratic pay wall put in place by the 1% and their Hummer H2s. Sons of bitches…

After eating of few of my mom's cookies I slowly collected my emotions. I couldn't just give up. Just think if Ferdinand Magellan had given up when he got lost in the Pacific Ocean. He would have never discovered the Philippines. I've never been there myself, but I hear the food is excellent. There's a winner for you. A real overlander. I decided to see what I could learn about that wanker-mobile I'd seen in the catalogue. I'm a big research guy when it comes to purchases, so after spending a few minutes on Wikipedia my mind was blown. Two words...the Dakar freakin' Relay. I figured if the Montero could win that thing, whatever it was, then it is definitely the greatest overlanding machine ever made. And aside from all the winning, that thing is huge...perfect for when, like all great overlanders, I get an insatiable urge to sleep inside it like a homeless person. Not to mention that I read somewhere on Facebook that this guy said he got like 35mpg with it fully loaded. It was like the universe was screaming my name again.

So, with my $800 bucks in hand I bought a sight-unseen Monty 1,500 miles away off Craigslist. Best. Decision. Ever. Made. The second best decision made was when I used my credit card to buy a sweet lift kit, a snorkel, and some vintage Camel Trophy pontoon rafts that store up on the sweet safari rack I'm getting flown in from Australia. My Instagram is gonna be so epic. And then, after joining a few Montero forums, I started to get all the sweet inside info on these beastly machines' true potential. Looks like my 35” Firestones I got off my buddy's wrecked Explorer will fit no problem after stacking a couple spacers. The wider track helps with stability, thus making the Montero unstoppable off road. I can't wait to drive this thing. Look forward to seeing me...Making Overlanding Great Again!

- WaTaBi

Gen 3 Montero / Alignment Bolt Part #s
« on: November 14, 2017, 01:07:18 PM »
Does anyone happen to know the part numbers for the rear toe and caster adjustment bolts on the rear of a Gen 3 Montero?

I've been searching the parts warehouse catalogues and google but cannot find the part #.

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