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Gen 2 Montero / The Wheel List
« on: December 22, 2017, 11:57:56 AM »
Here it is.
An official thread of the list I keep posting over on the FB group.
The offsets on these wheels may or may not work. I never dug THAT deep.

Build Threads / Just another 2.5 WP
« on: November 07, 2017, 12:13:42 PM »
So....I'll just do a quick "up to speed" before I get going on this again.
As many of you know, I've been plagued with gremlins for the last few months. Even after a full rebuild.
But that's for another thread.
On to the good stuff....
After debating heavily between a Trooper and a Montero for months, I picked this thing up for $1400 on July 15th, 2015.

Started right away with removing the running boards, and a thorough cleaning.
The POs had absolutely destroyed the interior. It took me 2 days, 2 bottles of Purple Power, 2 cans of Rustoleum, and a lot of gagging. But I got the floors clean and sealed, and new carpet in.

Now...just a random photo dump. The sleeping platform has undergone a few iterations, and is about to be totally redesigned again.
The steel bumper is also going under the ax during Thanksgiving break because I hate the underbite look....

Modified Gauge pod with new inclinometer...

love my truck...despite it hating me.
More projects in the works.....

Mitsubishi Related / The Never Ending Misfire
« on: September 30, 2017, 06:53:16 PM »
Okay. I reek of gas right now, and am sitting down with a delicious whiskey drink to lay all this out.
It's been about a 2 month battle to this point.
Preface....1998 Winter Package with a 6G74.

Flash back to February when I pulled the engine to drop in a junkyard engine from LKQ. Long story short...don't get engines from them. Total nightmare.
So my engine ended up being completely rebuilt.
Fast forward to about 7 weeks ago. Pretty hot day. Up until now, she was running like a champ. Zero issues.
The lady and I saddle up and head to Home Depot. Literally 2.4 miles away. Truck starts and runs fine all the way there.
We do our thing for about 25 minutes, come back outside, and upon startup, it's misfiring like crazy. The drive home felt a lot like limp mode.
I pull codes, and it's a P0300.
I know that there's a few very small vacuum leaks, so I address those over a few different intake pulls. In the middle of all that, I get a cylinder 2 injector code.
Intake back off, and decide F-it. Bought 6 new injectors.

So new injectors are in. P0300 still, with an intermittent P0302.
As a quick test, I start pulling the signal plugs off the back of the coils. The 1-4 coil shows no change with no signal. Bad coil? Let's change all 3.

So now. 4000 miles on a rebuild, new injectors, new coils. Zero vacuum leaks. Sitting at 16"Hg vac. (I'm in yeah that's about right I think) Still P0300.

Okay...FSM is out. Slowly lean towards ignition control module. Test it, and sure's shot. Add new ICM to the list.
So now it's running better, starts right up, all cylinders are getting spark, but still a terrible misfire.
FSM back out...start checking voltages at the sensor connections. 30 milivolts at the TPS. FSM says ECM.
Have it tested....yep. Shot.
Ebay to the rescue with an used ECM. Starts better than ever now. Idles better. Drives like shit. Zero power.
Intake back plugs. New coolant temp sensor.  Clean ALL engine grounds, but it all back together meticulously.
Still lagging and misfiring under load and acceleration. Still no codes.
Just did the fuel filter. Hence me smelling like gas and giving up for the night. Same issue.
Earlier today we pinched the return fuel line after the FPR. Sprayed gas everywhere. So I'm assuming there's good pressure, but I have no way to do a proper fuel pressure test at this point.

I'm full on stumped. And officially broke from changing bad parts.
What could have caused so many things to go wrong all at once? What am I still chasing?

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