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ALL MAKES - ALL MODELS - Build Threads / The Half Monti
« on: October 25, 2018, 09:03:30 AM »
No more lurking. Time to make it official. Spent the last several years looking for a good candidate semi-locally. I did get sidetracked with several V6 Mighty Max's, but I vaguely remember these being much easier to find not too long ago.

I ended up purchasing a high mileage 1989 Montero SWB V6 locally out of Reno. It has what appears to be a bad head gasket, destroyed muffler and its fair share of leaks, but all in all it the body and frame are in better than average condition. Notable missing features: No LSD, No bouncy seats. :(  I do have a 5 speed though.

The day I picked her up. All tucked away in a garage for 5 years.

Finally pushed her out and onto the dolly. Doesnt look too bad for being loaded with dust and spider webs.

Just joined here but looks like most threads circle around Monteros. Anyone here interested in Mighty Max builds? Have a 1990 that I've been wrenching on.

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