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Mitsubishi Related / Swap from 4.90 Open Differential
« on: October 27, 2017, 03:26:50 PM »
I get the impression that this topic has been beaten to death, but the more we document on the forums as opposed to the FB Page the better (right!?).
I picked up a JDM 1994 Pajero Exceed 2.8TD last year without doing my research, and it's got a wide-open free wheeling 4.90 set of diffs. It serves primary winter duties so the open differential is pretty high on the list of things to replace.
Canada never did get any Gen II or II.5s, so they're pretty few & far between, but we did get lots of Montero Sports, and there's a couple AWD Models at the junkers nearby. A locker would be great, but that looks like it'll complicate things, so an LSD will suffice.
I'll also put out a feeler for 2800TDs being parted out, but I'm not sure how many of these were spec'd with LSDs or lockers, and whether I was just unlucky

As for the diff out of the Sport: Presumably diff no. 7.5 is the 9 1/2" differential in the 2.8L Open Diff - so I'd be after the complete carrier assembly out of the 3.5L Sport w/ a Hybrid LSD? Any other differences I'd need to be aware of?


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