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General Discussion / Driven Over Land - A Short Film
« on: January 13, 2020, 09:56:28 PM »
A 26-minute overland adventure through the Colorado backcountry with Driven Over Land and our trio of Mitsubishi Monteros. Join us for 8-days, 11 epic passes, and 7 remote camps in 6 nat'l forests. I hope y'all enjoy our short film. It was a ton of work and is our first attempt at capturing the majesty and grandness of the Rocky Mountains.

Mitsubishi Related / Window Trim Rejuvination! - RECOMMENDED
« on: December 06, 2018, 01:20:44 PM »
So, I have this outlined in my build thread but wanted to share it with the greater Montero community. I wanted to fix the ugly chrome trim after the factory black coating had cracked and begun to flake off. I had already peeled as much as I could off during the summer time. I recommend a razor blade and some patience to get it as clean as possible. When cutting I left about a millimeter of factory seal above and below the rubberized material that fits to the truck.

Anyhow, once it was done, I had a can of this rust-oleum undercoat spray in my garage and thought I'd give it a shot. Turns out it worked perfectly and has held up really well over the last few months.

Note: I didn't have to both with the windshield trim because Safe-Lite came and replaced the windshield and all the trim and now it's all black too, but I'm sure it'll work there just as well.

General Discussion / Pajero Evo Grill - Leads?
« on: September 10, 2018, 11:49:16 AM »
Does anyone have a Gen 2.5 Pajero Evo front grill? OEM or Aftermarket, it doesn't matter.

Build Threads / Se7en62's '99 Montero Gen 2.5 Overland Build & Adventures
« on: January 28, 2018, 11:26:57 AM »
[Follow along on Instagram @overland_pajero]

I've had this Montero --> Pajero in my garage for about a month now so I figured I'd put together another build thread since things are starting to rock and roll.

After my wife and I spent some time in our XJ traveling around Texas and the Southwest, we realized we wanted something a little bigger. I did the typical search for an FJ80, but after I started reading about the Gen 2.5 Montero my search was over. I found this clean one in Palm Springs, CA for $2,500, so after a couple conversations with the owners I bought a one-way plane ticket and flew to pick it up.

After meeting the previous owners at the airport and exchanging funds for a title and bill of sale, I turned around and drove it the 1,100 miles back to Austin.

I stopped in Phoenix to meet up with another member and install a set of manual hubs. After we were through, I only had enough energy to drive about half-way to Tuscon. Which was perfect timing to fold the seats flat and get some good rest.

UPDATED: 03/12/19


1999 Mitsubishi Gen 2.5 Montero 4x4 Winter Package w/ 196k ($2,500)
Gen 2.5 (NL) Body
Anchorage Gray Pearl (F4470) / Munich Silver (F1688)
Factory Rear Air Locker
Power Windows and Locks
Leather Seating for 7
Heated Front Seats
15" x 7" Factory Wheels

[CHECK @ 174k] Timing Belt
[CHECK @ 174k] Timing Belt Tensioner
[CHECK @ 174k] Water Pump
[CHECK @ 174k] Rear Camshaft Seals
[CHECK @ 174k] Valve Stem Seals


[CHECK] Duracell Platinum AGM Group 24 ($140) <-- Made by Deka/EastPenn.
[CHECK] Replace Rear Door Latch Assembly ($8)
[CHECK] Hart Slotted Zinc-coated Brakes Rotors and Ceramic Pads ($227)
[CHECK] (4) Timken Wheel Bearings & (2) Seals ($78)
[LABOR] R&R Front Brakes, CV Axles, and Bearings ($290)
[CHECK] A.D.D. Updated Crankshaft Bolt ($35)
[LABOR] R&R Crankshaft Pulley & Update Bolt ($30)
[CHECK] Replace CV's w/ Cardone Reman. Units ($81)
[CHECK] Flush Radiator and Coolant System w/ Blue Devil Radiator Flush ($7)
[CHECK] Drain & Fill Coolant System w/ 2.375 Gallons Green 50/50 Antifreeze ($30)
[CHECK] Drain & Fill Transmission w/ 8.9 Quarts Mitsubishi Diamond SP-III Transmission Fluid ($32) [4qt Drain & Fill]
[CHECK] Drain & Fill Transfer Case w/ 2.6 Quarts Lucas Synthetic 75w90 [API Class GL-4] ($54)
[CHECK] Drain & Fill Front Differential w/ 1.2 Quarts Red-Line or Lucas 85w90/80w90 [API Class GL-5] ($18)
[CHECK] Drain & Fill Rear Differential w/ 3.3 Quarts Red-Line or Lucas 85w90/80w90 [API Class GL-5] ($27)
[CHECK] Drain & Fill Engine with 4.8 Quarts Rotella T6 5w40 and new K&N Oil Filter ($65)
[CHECK] Lifetime 4x4 Alignment ($87)
[CHECK] 8-Piece Steering System w/ UCA's w/ Ball Joints, Lower Ball Joints, Inner & Outer Tie Rods - ($134)
[CHECK] R&R EGR Valve ($48)
[CHECK] EGR Control Solenoid ($30)
[CHECK] Build and Install "Big 3 Upgrade" w/ 1/0 Wire ($136)
[CHECK] Replacement Front Passenger Window Regulator ($44)
[CHECK] R&R 4x4 Vacuum Switch Solenoid ($27)
[CHECK] R&R Fuel Filter ($19)
[CHECK] R&R Air Filter, Clean MAF, Clean Throttle Body ($40)
[CHECK] Detail Interior and Condition Leather ($28)
[CHECK] Replace Floor Mats ($40)

[CHECK] Drain & Fill Engine with 4.8 Quarts Rotella T6 5w40 and new K&N Oil Filter ($65)
[CHECK] Rotate & Balance Tire w/ Spare Rotation
[CHECK] R&R Aftermarket Radiator with Spectra Radiator and Gates Hoses (Temp.) ($144)
[CHECK] R&R OEM Thermostat ($25)

[CHECK] Drain & Fill Engine with 4.8 Quarts Rotella T6 5w40 and new K&N Oil Filter ($65)
[CHECK] Rotate & Balance Tire w/ Spare Rotation
[CHECK] R&R Auxiliary Fan w/ Spal 12" Pusher Fan ($80)

[DELIVERED] Hella 77mm Horns ($15)
[DELIVERED] Flex Technologies 3.5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm Silicone Vacuum Hose ($45)
[DELIVERED] NGK Plugs and Wires ($47)
[DELIVERED] Fel-Pro Valve Cover Gaskets ($25)
R&R Valve Cover Gaskets, Plugs, and Wires

[CHECK] AVM Series 400 (443) Manual Locking Hubs ($142)
[CHECK] (5) General Grabber X3 33x10.5R15 ($1,300)
[CHECK] Remove Factory Running Boards
[CHECK] Remove Factory Roof Rack
[CHECK] Rebadge as "PAJERO" ($100)
[CHECK] De-badged Gen 2 Grill ($18)
[CHECK] ARB Winch Bumper ($855)
[CHECK] A.D.D. Old Man Emu Expedition Lift w/ Bilstein 5100's ($950)
[CHECK] A.D.D. Adjustable Panhard Bar ($180)
[CHECK] A.D.D. 3-Piece Skid Plate Combo (Front, Mid, and Trans)Front Skid Plate ($500)
[CHECK] LED Headlights ($35)
[CHECK] Fabricate Full-Length Roof Rack ($180)
[CHECK] Install (2) Pelican iM2700 Cases to Roof Rack ($FREE)
[CHECK] (8) Surco GM100 5-1/2" Gutter Mounts ($120)
[CHECK] Rhino Rack Foxwing Mounts for Rear Awning ($58)
[CHECK] Cascadia Vehicle Tents - Mt. Shasta Extended Pioneer w/ Annex + Summit Rails and Shoe Bags ($700)
[CHECK] Teton 20F Canvas Double Sleeping Bag ($180)
[CHECK] Teton Flannel Pillows ($24)
[CHECK] ARB 4.5' x 8.5' Rear Awning ($80)
Fabricate Side and/or Rear Ladder
Trail Gear 67" Rock Sliders
Fabricate Fender Side Bars
[CHECK] Tint ($82)
[CHECK] LED Reverse Lights ($20)
[CHECK] Wizzy Wheel ($22)
[CHECK] Replace Hood w/ Hood in Better Shape ($40)
[CHECK] Spare OEM Gen 2.5 Headlights ($40)
[CHECK] Spare OEM GEn 2.5 Taillights ($40)
[CHECK] 35w LED Cube Lights Combo Beam ($24)
[CHECK] 100w Lightforce Blitz 240 10" Halogen Off-Road Lights ($100)
[CHECK] Lightforce Combo Beam - Crystal Blue - Lens Covers ($60)
[CHECK] Lightforce Hi-Mounts for RMDL Lights ($30)
[CHECK] Cleanwaste Go-Anywhere Toilet ($65) w/ 15-pack Toilet in a Bag ($15)
[CHECK] ECCPP Billet 6061-T6 AL 1.25" Wheel Spacers ($70)

Replace Front Seats Mounts w/ "Bouncy" Seats, but retain heated-seat function
[CHECK] Remove 2nd and 3rd Row Seats
[CHECK] SafariStraps 41"x28" ($85)
[CHECK] Powertye 16"x32" Net to be used as Attic ($15)
[CHECK] Replace All Interior Bulbs w/ LEDs ($35)
[IN PROGRESS] Build Drawer System ($135)
[CHECK] Dometic CFX95DZW Dual-Zone Fridge/Freezer w/ Wi-Fi ($600)
[CHECK] DFG Offroad Fridge Slide w/ Cutting Board for CFX95DZW ($440)
[CHECK] LED Courtesy Lights ($FREE)
[CHECK] LED Cargo/Map Lights ($40)
[CHECK] Build Cargo Compartment 12V/80A Power Supply ($162)
[CHECK] KPPOL 50w 6-port USB 2.0 Quick Charger ($16)

[CHECK] Smittybilt XRC9500 ($200)
[CHECK] UltRanger Winch Hook ($30)
[CHECK] Luso Overland Pintle Hitch Recovery Point ($75)
[CHECK] UltRanger 3" x 20' Tree Saver
[CHECK] UltRanger 10-Ton Snatch Block


[CHECK] Everything I've bought has been Grade 8.8 or higher, so... ($130)

I'll update this thread with new posts, but also keep this main post updated as well as a running log.

Anyway, here's some pictures from Last Saturday starting with a before and after. The PO had (3) different brands of tires on it, so they had to go ASAP.

Filling up and admiring the rubber. I can't wait to get this thing off-road now!

I just can't get enough of this face.

Today I'm installing new LED headlights. Suspension and small parts are being shipped. ARB bumper should be here this week sometime. Next weekend should be more eventful with installs.

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