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Gen 2 Montero / gen3 springs on a gen2.5
« on: April 26, 2019, 10:01:03 PM »
Ok quick question guys... I was gifted a pair of springs from a gen3 (OME2917 with 1.5" lift), but I have gen2.5 they look closely matching (albeit much stouter), but can't tell until I remove the old springs, but before I go through the effort does anyone know if they will fit a gen2.5?  Thanks guys!

Mitsubishi Related / gen3 springs in a gen2.5
« on: April 26, 2019, 07:11:00 AM »
Ok quick question guys... I was gifted a pair of springs from a gen3 (OME2917 with 1.5" lift), but I have gen2.5 they look closely matching, but can tell till I remove the old springs, but before I go through the effort does anyone know if they work?  Thanks guys!

Gen 2 Montero / dif. dash lights?
« on: June 27, 2018, 07:09:13 AM »
anyone know what this means?  its always on, and doesn't blink. both used to come on now only one stays on.

Gen 2 Montero / 9.00r16 tires
« on: April 23, 2018, 07:16:42 AM »
anyone running 36" tires that's what 9.00r16's equal.   I currently run 255 85 16's equivalent to 33x10 which I love but expensive... and the 9.00r16's are cheap on eBay.   

Gen 2 Montero / gen2 PTO and bellhousing
« on: January 28, 2018, 09:13:06 PM » some scouring the web, and I found mention of a factory PTO for the gen2's V5MT2 transmission which I have...I didn't find a lot, but defiantly found reference to it...I found more about the gen1's.   So I took a glance under my rig, and sure enough there's a 6 hole plate on the passenger side of the the transfer case for said PTO...not only that there's access holes in the plastic underneath to allow the PTO shaft to go to the front.  Anyone have info on this? It would be sweet to put one in... And does anyone know if our transmission "gear box" goes by any other designation other than V5MT2?...possibly other Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep applications...the reason why im asking is that theres possibly a PTO that'll fit a different application including ours.

Oh and how 'bout the bell housing on the V5MT2?  Is there any other bell housings that'll fit? preferably toyota/Chevy/or possibly ford?...I know this sounds like an odd question, but I'm searching for a "semi" easy solution to mate a OM617 mercedes diesel to the V5MT2...I'm no stranger to swaps...Ive done several mercedes to toyota's.  Often time's transmission "gear boxes" are used in many different make vehicles under different designations, and if its as easy as swapping bellhousings for something that an adapter plate is already exists for...the easy peasy...just putting the feelers guys have been great so far.  thanks

Build Threads / Expedition Build
« on: January 24, 2018, 10:20:53 PM »
Hey Ladys, and Gents,

Gotta few questions for you motley fools...I've done my due diligents first, and scoured the web for satiated some of my questions, but now i need to ask the experts!

current rig: 95 LS 3.0l with a manual tranny.  The questions i have are...

1) I was under the impression that it was OBDI, however it has and OBDII connect, and when I plug into it nothing happens...whats up?  there is no check engine lights just currious.

2) The ABS doesn't work...what are the things i could check for? might be asking why would you want ABS for wheelin'?  well I don't necessarily want it for wheelin', but it's nice for snowy roads...if it's possibly just a relay than maybe I could wire a switch to turn it on and off at my discretion.

3) I'm being given a wrecked 98' with the "SOHC" 3.5l, and locking diff.  these two things are the only parts I'm really interested in.  Unfortunately the axle code on the 98' shows 4.27:1 where my 95' is 4.64:1...If I decide to take on this swap what are the obstacles I have to overcome, and is it even possible?

4) next would be the 3.0l runs well but has the common problems associated with that engine.  What would be the hurtles I'd have to overcome to transplant the 3.5? I know it'll bolt up, but are the wiring harnesses the same? sensors? etc... what's not the same? I'd like to have those bases covered before the wrenches come out...  I will have to replace to engine eventually, and if I have a 3.5 available then it only makes since I use it right?

after the mechanics are sorted the plan is to cut the roof off of the wrecked 98', and set it on top of the 95' (the 95 has no sunroof) then hinge it in some fashion to create a pop-top somewhat like this.

General Discussion / Toyota transmission?
« on: January 04, 2018, 03:14:24 PM »
Hey guys im glad i found this forum...seems as if there are very few of us out there (compared to the Toyota and jeep guys)...I'm fairly new to the Mitsubishi club, however Ive always known they were bomber i made the leap from Toyota.   
So I have a question about the Toyota transmission referred to in the ADD's buyers guide that said  "Same transmission as many Toyota vehicles" for the Gen2 .
The reason why i ask is that I've done 3 Mercedes om617 diesel conversions to toyota transmissions, and now see the possibility for our montero's if this is true. 
The adapters available for the toyota transmissions are for H series, R150's, or the W56's... are any of these transmissions the same as my V5MT1 as stated on the plate on my firewall?  I understand if the bellhousing might be different, and if so is the Mitsubishi bellhousing removable or is it one unit?

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