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Hi all - I am trying to get my 03 montero limited smogged. I reset the ECU recently for other reasons and now I am waiting for the readiness code for the catalytic system. I read a TSB on this subject and Mitsu says that I need to drive 15 min at 55 mph with a fuel tank between 40 and 15 percent. I drove this but with a fuel tank closer to 75%. I did not get the readiness code. I am thinking its due to the fuel level.

I checked my Torque scantool and fuel level doesnt appear to be an output on the ECU. Does the computer output this incfomation? My digital "miles til empty" RV meter has been flaky. sometimes it reports no change in miles till empty or it reports fine. I hope that the faulty RV meter isnt an indication that the fuel level reported by the ECU isnt faulty.

Regardless - I keep waiting for the readiness code....

Gen 3 Montero / Weird water sound from the dash
« on: March 01, 2018, 01:00:18 PM »
Hello all - I am the original owner of the 03 montero limited. In the last 4-5 months, I get this weird "water sound" from the dash. (I was hoping the other thread was related to my problem). Anyway, it usually happens when I am accelerating from a stop and does it more when the system is cold.

I was thinking that maybe it was the heater core, condensor core or the butterfly valve on the intake plenum. I cant find anyone else with this problem. It sounds like it is high in the dash toward the center.

Let me know if you experienced anything similar.


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