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Gen 3 Montero / 11 Volts at idle, stall problem
« on: May 16, 2018, 04:42:35 AM »
I picked up a 03 Limited back in January with 127K. I knew it had some issues and have been slowly working them out and getting this thing back into prime running condition. It's my wife's main means of transportation currently, but we're planning on taking it up to CO next summer if life permits.

Now down to the nitty gritty. When I test drove the truck, I knew that it hadn't been driving hardly at all in the last 2 years and wasn't terribly worried about it stalling on me at the time. Found out the battery terminals were loose and figured things would be peachy. Which they were until my MAF died and I was back to stalling out. New MAF and the car is doing good, excellent apart from poor milage from the new tires, but I noticed that the condenser fan is seized giving me weak AC in traffic and warm engine temps. New condenser fan and things seem to be good, but ambient temperature have only been in the high 80s so I haven't needed to been cranking up the AC too much, until this last week and we saw over 100F.

I been using the AC on max now, but noticed that the engine would stall any time I was stopped in gear. By chance I lower the AC blower to the lowest setting and the car stays running, bring the blower up past about the 3rd spot and the rpms start to drop.

I check in on my Torque app, trying to see if I get any abnormalities that were easy to find. I noticed that my volts were reading between 12.7v-12.9v while driving, not the 13+ that I was expecting to see. So I check it at idle in drive, 12.7v with the blower on low. Do the same test again but blower on high, I am now showing 11.4v. If I turn headlights, heated seats, AC, and radio at idle in drive I can see as low as 10.2 before the engine dies. Tests at 65mph with AC high shows 12.8.

I swapped out with a known good battery, with same results. I then took it to the parts store and had it checked, but the alternator came back good in both park and drive with AC on, even though the engine stumbled.

The battery light does not come on.

My gut says that my alternator is dying, but the lack of battery light and the clean bill of health is making me leery of dropping $130 just to have the same problem.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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