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Mitsubishi Related / "Sealed beam" LED headlight information
« on: January 26, 2018, 10:24:11 PM »
As much as I try to steer people clear away from buying the cheap knockoff LED headlights on the internet, it still seems to fall of deaf ears of those so set in their ways......
So, here is a rather informative video for those of you looking into LED lights for your sealed beam Gen 1s, Gen 2 SWBs, or Converted Gen 2s. While I haven't done the conversion yet on my Gen 2, I do have the 5x7 Truck-lites on my Starion and I'm quite satisfied by the their performance.

Mitsubishi Related / Roof Dimensions
« on: May 09, 2017, 11:15:23 AM »
I left the title vague as to maybe we can consolidate all roof dimensions for LWB/SWB and Generations into one post and sticky it for future reference.
Then this info could then be used for anyone looking to aftermarket racks to use or DIY rack builds.

Gen 1 and 2 use 5" gutter mount feet, iirc.
If anyone has the measurements on hand for the other bodystyles and generations, please post up and I can update this post. :)

Gen 1

90x48" (up to 94" long depending on where you measure)

Gen 2
SWB (as the imports come over as well as any of our international/Canadian members)


Gen 3

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