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Mitsubishi Related / Vibrating side mirror repair
« on: July 18, 2018, 12:48:02 PM »
It's a common problem on Monteros for the side mirror glass to shake and vibrate badly enough to make the mirrors useless on some surfaces. I've found a pretty quick and easy fix that seems to work better than many others: a hot glue gun. I did this repair last night with the mirror still on the vehicle in about 10 minutes, which included taking photos and waiting for the hot glue gun to heat up.

Start by removing the attaching screw through the access hole in the bottom of the mirror housing.

The mirror glass should come free at this point - it's supported by two plastic tabs at the top, which is where it usually breaks at. I had replaced my mirror with a used one last year because the base somehow got broken in a parking lot. It turns out that a previous owner of the mirror had already repaired it once using superglue and clear silicone, neither of which proved to be a permanent fix for it.

After scraping the crap off of it and cleaning the surfaces with rubbing alcohol, I liberally applied hot glue to both surfaces at both connection points. Sorry for the poor quality phone pic.

After reassembling the mirror to the housing I replaced the screw on the bottom only to find that it had been stripped out and wouldn't tighten up, so I applied a shot of hot glue to the screw and tightened it as much as possible. If it turns out that the screw won't hold I'll have to take the mirror glass back out and repair the area that the screw goes into with some epoxy. 

Mitsubishi Related / Gen 2 front brake rotor upgrade
« on: August 29, 2017, 01:12:26 PM »
Many Montero Sports came with a larger front brake setup than what the standard Gen 2 brakes have. It utilizes the same calipers and pads but 314mm rotors instead of 276mm rotors - this upgrade will only increase braking force slightly since the pad-to-rotor contact area remains the same, but it should make a significant difference in heat dissipation.

The necessary parts (brake caliper brackets and backing plates) can be sourced from any Montero Sport with the 16" wheel package - note that 16" wheels are required to clear the larger brake setup, stock 15" wheels won't work. I discovered that the 2wd Montero Sports have aluminum caliper mounting brackets while the 4wd versions are identical but made of steel. I chose to use the steel version since Mitsubishi evidently thought the extra strength was necessary. I sourced new OEM rotors from my local Mitsubishi dealer for $80/each.

I had an issue with the original brake hose being a little too short to reach the caliper in it's relocated position when the steering was at full lock. I temporarily removed the brake hose bracket to give it some extra length and am going to have some braided stainless lines made with some extra length built in. Alternatively, I would assume that installing a Montero Sport lower brake hose would solve the problem.

Attached photo shows the stock brake components compared to the Sport brake components.

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