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Gen 1 Montero / leaking gear oil, front axle
« on: April 12, 2018, 03:31:21 PM »
gen 1, 1989 V6 SWB with the starion LSD in the front.

looks like i have a leak on both ends of the axle, right side front. described on pages 2-15 and 2-16 of the FSM, but I can't find the part numbers. anyone done this R&R work and have some advice to offer?

see pics

Build Threads / Rescue Gen 1 SWB
« on: May 13, 2017, 01:27:47 PM »
John's 1989 Montero - 2-door SP, 3.0L V6

Well, How Did I Get Here?

When my brother moved to Boulder in the mid-1990s, I flew out to help him get settled. He was car shopping at the time, and we found a nice 1990 LS at a used lot. I'd had a geology professor in college that bought a showroom-new 1989 Dodge Raider, and I'd loved the look, so it was a treat to drive the LS in the Colorado snow. A couple of years later, I picked up a lightly-used 1995 SR - I race sailboats; the SR handled the towing very well, and also opened up the world of off-road driving for me. I owned the SR through 2015, and it served me very well, including some great white-post camping trips in the Angeles National Forest with my daughter. When she grew out of the backseat, I started hunting for a SWB.

Project Blue

I found a few of the 4-cylinder SWBs, and came close to buying a couple, but with some uncharacteristic resolve and patience, I continued to search for a good V6. In 2015, I came across an ad for one in a junkyard in San Jose, CA. It was "CA DMV Junked" status, but the yard told me it ran well. It had been rear-ended by a car, so the bumper was gone, the back gate was deformed, and there was other cosmetic damage, but they thought the frame was straight. I pulled the Carfax and found there had only been two owners, and that it had been a Texas truck until 2008. I took a big chance, bought a one-way ticket, and flew to San Jose. A cab ride later, and I was looking at a real mess - interior was filthy, the filler hose was split, it had a lawnmower battery, and the driver's seat base had bent badly in the accident. That meant it had been hit hard and the PO had been a big boy. Regardless, it started right up and purred. Quick spin around the lot - the brakes felt good and it tracked straight as an arrow. I laid the cash on the table and drove straight to a Firestone for a battery and fluids. Then I got on the road for home.

Blue made it home without a single issue! Over the Grapevine in 5th and 20mpg! I started to gain confidence that I'd found a real diamond in the rough. Took it to the shop right away for a thorough inspection and smog test - turned out all six cylinders had good compression, so it seemed a rebuild wouldn't be needed. Full tune up, plugs, wires, distributer, hoses and belts, catalytic converter, O2 sensor and a muck-out of the incredible build up in the throttle body - all that got me from "Gross Polluter" to "Pass" on the smog test. I was armed with receipts and headed to the DVM to resurrect Blue from "Junk" to "Salvage." While I lifted my skirts for the DMV and CHP to get their approval, I made a call to San Jose - there was an oil change sticker in the windshield, and I'd resolved to do some sleuthing. The shop put me in touch with the PO, who was delighted to hear the truck had found a home rather than the crusher. He told me he'd been sad to give it up after the accident, but the settlement had been too good to pass up. It particularly pained him, he said, because he'd dropped a 30k-mile, used Japanese engine just a year or so before! Good compression mystery solved!

Newly tagged and titled, I started the restoration. The inimitable Russell Davies hooked me up with a bumper and a color-matched rear gate from the Montero Ranch, which allowed me to largely erase the accident that had put Blue in the junkyard. Next, I pulled the nasty interior and put in a new carpet kit - mass-backed over fresh liner and pad.

Then came the happy trips to the LKQ yards around the area - Pomegranate wheels and new BFG tires, a pair of bouncy seats, receiver, upgraded tool kit, front bumper and brush guard, SR rear springs, factory fogs and harness, bumper ends, another "oh-shit" handle for the driver, an LSD for the rear, lenses, interior cargo bars, a million little plastic bits (like the hood prop clip), etc... and then the on-line parts searches, too - new pedal covers, 4WD sensors for the transfer case, H4 headlights, ladder, filler neck and armor, load bars, a Galloper inclinometer, Pioneer stereo and Rockford Fosgate speakers, a *cup holder*, the missing jack handle, etc. Then came more good stuff from the Montero community - notably better visors from Rob Zebrowski, and a Starion LSD from Ernest Paddock.

No project is ever totally done I guess, but here's the list so far. There's bodywork and paint somewhere in the future.

Rear LSD
Starion LSD in front
Gen 2 SR rear springs
31-inch BFGs
Dual bouncy seats
Gen 2 seats
Pioneer AM/FM/Aux/BT/Sirius
Rockford Fosgate speakers
Mass-backed carpet kit over Dynamat and pad
Galloper inclinometer
Hella E Code H4 headlights (100/55)

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