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ALL MAKES - ALL MODELS - Build Threads / New DD for The Ranch
« on: July 21, 2018, 11:12:29 AM »

Don't know what I'll be doing yet with my new ride. She has a 302 and AWD, mileage will not be great. A rumbly muffler will be a must.

What else? Stock or mod?

Other Tech / 'Not from State Farm' Jake
« on: December 18, 2017, 07:10:29 PM »
Change in directions for me, away from a roof-top tent. My purpose is to make the next California abode for myself after the house and ranch bits are sold. I had been thinking of a roof-top tent, like an Autohome. Despite planning for a significant expense, economics win out often.

2. Has title, too!
3. And, for California, a permanent trailer identification!

All the wood, siding, and roof are in excellent condition. All the canvas needs to be replaced, but I'll be able to research insulated fabrics for winter-ish camping as part of this restomod.

Second things first, going to lift and cut for my 38" tires, ready little Jake for off-highway camping behind Pearl.

Mighty Max/Triton / Paper or plastic? U-bolt choices
« on: November 04, 2017, 04:41:27 PM »
Putting the 98 Sport rear axle in my 88 Max, soon. Which u-bolt do I want?

Gen 1 Montero / 2.6L Headbolt Q / A
« on: October 18, 2017, 08:37:41 PM »

Have a new 2.6L Montero pal, asking question of me.

He has purchased a Clearwater head that has something wrong on the face for the cam gear to cam mounting surface. Head is hydraulic, not the solid lifters he wanted. Clearwater is sending him another cam.

Will there be any issues if he simply pulls the valve rocker assembly to change the cam? Are any head bolts involved?

Sorry, long days taking toll and just want to get opinions from experience. He has an FSM and is just new to Montero, not Mitsubishi.


Montero Sport / MOVED: 1987 Raider "Christmas tree"
« on: October 09, 2017, 07:44:29 PM »
This topic has been moved to the Gen 1 Montero board.

Mighty Max/Triton / 1988 Mighty Max and 35" Tires
« on: July 15, 2017, 10:40:55 PM »
I test fit my new-to-me Helo rims with 315/75-16 tires on the left side of Pearl this evening, snapped some pics, and really wished the truck wheel openings were as large as the Montero. Shucks!

I have not been a proponent of body lifts through the years, nor wheel spacers, but I'm going to add some height to the cab. Chatting with Joshua on FB, the ADD pieces net about 1.75" of lift? I am taking a stab in thinking that may not be enough alone. I will likely trim fender clearancing, as needed; however, I'm interested in collecting opinions. Prior to purchase of a BL kit, I have Lloyd's old torsion bars and some SR UCAs to install.

Thoughts? Try the ADD lift? Go right to a 4x Crawler 3" BL? Not much tech regarding the Max upgrades when most guys quit at 33" treads.

Gnarly, dude

Stock ride height, suspension is loaded though jacked up to support truck

Lots of 'hang out'

Hi All,

I purchased Pearl in March 2011 after losing the engine in my Raider. Pearl is so named because she takes me places, just like Capt. Jack Sparrow's Black Pearl. As a commuter, I drove this Max for about a year and logged about 10,000 turbo miles. It was fun to have this black and showing primer little truck blast the doors off shiny new ricer-type cars and BMW kids.

However, the infamous 2.6L head gasket problems reared up, but only between the #3 cylinder and water jacket. No milkshake! So awesome. At that time, I was still commuting 80 miles per day and had acquired a Ramcharger. In the now interim 5 years, Pearl has languished in my yard without a plan and watched as I parted yet another Ramcharger, stripped the last of the Montero Ranch Monteros and brought home a 1980 Power Wagon dually service truck. My daughter turned 18, and wanted the Raider. My son turned 18 and wanted my Ramcharger.

As my personal vehicle inventory dropped off, Pearl received a little attention when I struck a deal with Noah for an L200 Savanah grille and headlight set by swapping parts for his then recently acquired Scar the Raider. Years ago, I'd posted an inquiry on The Wire about the round headlight Max I'd seen on Cardomain, and I finally had these parts.

So began the new Pearl project. I stripped the icky fender flares first. Last summer, I located a min-truck short bed service body and waited out the owner until I could negotiate her price down. I picked up a leaf spring Sport disc brake rear axle in March, birthday present you know. Last month, I had a few days off and drove to pick up an 89 Montero in South Lake Tahoe, next day an 02 Sport AWD with 4.9 gears!

The large parts inventory is leading to somewhere hopefully, right? I hope so.

My very loose plan is a moderate expedition camper / trailer rider. I have so many things stashed for that type of project, and Pearl will get twice the mileage of my Dodge.

Future Specs:
1988 Mighty Max SPX extended cab 4x4
2.6L with 12G turbo, stock Starion rebuild on engine
KM-145 with Starion internals
Some mish-mash of Sport and Montero suspension: Lloyd's old torsion bars, Sport UCAs, KYB or Bilstein shocks
Sport front brakes with 2-piston caliper, Sport rear disc axle, 4.9 gears
Service bed with running water and full kitchen, 25-gallon water tank, 12V fridge, propane
Montero Gen 1 rear fuel tank, Max mid-frame tank - net will be about 40-gallon capacity
Tires: 33 or 35 inch all terrains
Body lift because the dang wheel wells are so small

As she sits today


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