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I'm the proud second owner of a 1994 LS 5-speed that I acquired with 177k on her earlier this year. I really wanted a manual transmission (personal preference), it's got beautiful paint, a beautiful interior, and is about as straight as a 23 year old truck can be. Other than the anemic 3.0L (to be dealt with in future) and the list of ADD goodies, etc to be installed over time, I'm loving it. Before I got it the truck spent most of its life in California then Arizona, but unfortunately it also spent the first 4 years (or so) of its life in Wisconsin. While most of the rust is cosmetic / non-structural (and would be considered next to nothing in salty climates), there are cases where it's already being a PITA.

One of those is the rear trailing arms.One of the front trailing arm bushings gave its last gasp earlier in the week and I set about replacing it yesterday. While I was in there I figured I might as well do both sides. One of the receipts I got with the truck showed the rear bushings having been replaced recently, so I wasn't worried about those. Other than a sway bar mount bolt that snapped off and had to be drilled out and re-tapped (another rust PITA), it was all straight forward to pull apart. And now I have two problems:

1. There's a fair amount of wear / erosion on the front of the arm where the bushings mount. The shaft is noticeably roughened and reduced in diameter at the center.

QUESTION: Is this common or uncommon on these trucks? Do people sleeve them, weld them, replace them, or just say "no big deal" and put it back together with new bushings?

2. What I am calling the "inner washers" are all but eaten away. I have scoured the internet, looked at every parts diagram I can find, and done every search variation I can think of but am finding neither part numbers nor other references to them. And maybe I'm just being an idiot and missing something completely? I have the 1994 FSM and they're not even shown as separate parts (section 34-4 upper diagram). From front to rear there is: Thick metal washer - Bushing- "Inner washer" (not shown in diagram) - frame bracket - another "inner washer" - bushing - Thick Metal washer - lock washer - nut.

QUESTION(S): I had picked up a set of MOOG bushings (rubber bushing only), but maybe the "washers" come with the OEM Bushings (MB809388)? Or the "inner washers" are actually supposed to be welded to the frame bracket and rusted off? Or something else entirely?

I do have a parts truck (SR with locking diff) but won't be ready / able to strip it for at least a couple of months. Upgrading to ADD Siberian bushings is part of the plan when I start swapping axles which is why I went "cheap" with MOOG for now.

Any words of wisdom, part numbers, source for good used ones, or setting me straight on what I may be missing would all be greatly appreciated!

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