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A lot of folks seem to be putting 4.9 gears into Gen 2 s, esp.the 2.5.
I want to put whole 9.5 M.S. axle housing in mine.
I don't  have to deal with ABS ring differences, and I think that's why folks swap gears only.
I measured a few years back and can find no reason  It won't fit.
Maybe the angle of the trailing arms  mount is different , maybe not.
Maybe shock mounts are different, maybe not.
Surely someone has tried this by now... Don't let me be the first.
Will It Fit?????

The ole geezer is finally in motion. Got '94 SR box and lines and pump from the yard last spring. My rhumatizz let up so now I'm wrenchin.
I found out '94 pump is a one year pump. anybody need it?
I plugged the inlet / outlet hole by screwing in rubber corks to keep ATF in and grit out.
I used a fat rat tail file to slowly open up the top 2 bolt holes to meet hole on frame of SWB Gen 1.
Got her all cleaned up and painted.
Got her mounted,,,
then, Problem:
The steel lines have a completely different mating to box method.
On the '89 they are flared (like a brake line).
The '94 lines are straight tube into box with a flat forged area in steel tubing , and has a O ring on high pressure line. No o ring on low pressure line( or maybe it fell off in the salvage yard).
I called it a night. I think I'll have to use Gen 2 metal lines, but I'll probably have to have special hoses made to mate with Gen 1 pump. and probably special O rings for steel tubes.

I haven't heard of anyone having this problem with the fittings. Maybe it's an "'89 thing," as 90-90 had a Bigger Box on them  and maybe lines with the flat line fittings.

This geezers tired, I'll figure this out maybe tomorrow.

MB520890 = aftermarket BCA2476  in France.
MB529891 = aftermarket BCA2475  in France
You used to be able to get Europeans stuff from Rockauto, but something has changed or I don't have the method to get to their Euro menu anymore.
Euro4x4parts in France seems like a good source. But I get read letter messages warning of "costoms problems and exta high fees.
Any help appreciated, I'm just a poor ole county boy who wants his Montero brought up to snuff.
Thanks, Dave

Gen 1 Montero / brake blend proportioning valve...should I delete it?
« on: April 09, 2018, 10:56:35 PM »
I have a Gen 2 LS rear axle with disc , non abs , brakes installed in my '89 V6 raider that had drum rear brakes. I would like to know if the Gen 2 had a BLV. I read on an old WIRE post that the valve keeps slight pressure for brake cups. My rear pads wore out prematurely. I think maybe BPV is making them drag. Should I remove BPV???

I just received an idler arm with nylon insert lock nuts. It also was not the "555" unit in the net site photo. I'm planning o returning it. I don't trust nylon locknuts in such places.
A few months ago I kept getting and returning ball joints from local parts store. All Moog but each one was different. Nylon nuts, some with grease fittings. I finally got 2 with castle nuts.
I think it doesn't matter what brand you order, you'll get a brand logo box with the same un marked, un logoed part of unknown origin in the box.
I recon I just need to save up and et an EM idler. I have a Gen 2 idler on my Gen 1 but discovered that will not work without changing to Gen 2 steering box. That's beyod my budget and skills to go  that far with a mod I don't need. So I trying to goback to originaltype idler if I can find a decent one.

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