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Gen 2 Montero / Hardware/boots to replace while rebuilding suspension
« on: June 06, 2018, 07:04:31 AM »
I'm installing my ADD suspension next weekend finally.

I'm messing around in ASA and i'm getting somewhat cryptic results sometimes.  1) seems that many of the control arm nuts/bolts are discontinued so i can't order them and 2) I can't really figure out what boots/covers i should order for the torsion bars.  ASA only shows one side, and the boots/covers seem to be different left vs right (right has additional things/in lieu of to protect against the heat of the exhaust)

Here's what i came up with for the bars, ASA filled in quantity itself.  I cannot see the driver side diagram.
parts is parts 2 by concealer404, on Flickr

parts is parts by concealer404, on Flickr

Anyone who has done this before (especially you, Adam and Josh), what hardware and/or boots would i be stupid to NOT replace/have on hand to do this job all in one shot in a weekend?

$6000 takes it ALL.  If we feel that's crazy overpriced, then don't buy it.  :)  Offers to come drink my beer and help me wrench on this thing in lieu of selling are also welcomed.  Sentiments of "screw you, keep it and hang around instead" are fine as well. 

I might have too many irons in the fire due to life.  House shopping, being unable to get parts that fit for our gas sipper Miata DD, and a crashed FZJ80 due to some dumbass blowing a red light.  I don't have the time for the forseeable future to give my baby the love it deserves, and I'd like to maybe explore taking the easy route out in a V8 4runner.

I'm not super sad if i need to keep it, i'll just keep plugging away at it, but 60 hour work weeks and everything else means i could use something stock and untouched.

1998 Green on tan/poop brown Winter Package i pulled out of Sacramento about 2.5 years ago. It has about 175k miles, i've only put about 10k miles on it since i brought it home to Indianapolis.  This is a rust-free truck by standards everywhere except maybe AZ.  Light surface rust on fastener heads and a couple patches on frame only.  We're talking an easy afternoon of light wiring brushing and fun with POR15 at worst.  These trucks simply do NOT exist in this condition in the eastern half of the US, which is why i went to CA to get one.

THIS IS NOT A MINTY FRESH SHOW TRUCK.  It has some bumps and bruises, it was owned by a cousin/relative of Eurosonic, and it was used.  It has some trail pinstriping, some weird dents (Passenger front fender was parked on a rock with no sliders, same fender also punched something below the corner light.), and evidence that the snorkel has been put to use.  Paint is faded/burning on hood and roof.

What it IS, is a super solid base that you won't have to worry about USING.  It's never given me any real trouble, starts every day (sometimes requires multiple key turns due presumably a loose trans shift linkage messing with the safety switch), and generally is good reliable transportation.  Rear locker works.

The Good/Replaced in my ownership:
1) All four calipers, rear rotors, brake master cylinder, and front and rear pads replaced ~5000 miles ago (Update:  Rear pads/rotors <1000 miles ago)
2) Timing belt done at 160k miles
3) Tires done less than 1000 miles ago (with matching spare)
4) Heated/power seats work
5) ALL suspension/steering (except steering box) replaced <1000 miles ago
6) New exhaust post y pipe <1000 miles ago

The Not So Good:
1)AC compressor maybe making noise.  Blows ice cold
2) Exhaust past the secondary cat is pretty gross. Loose, rattles, cracked, was generally a hack job done by PO.  It's loud. FIXED:  Installed new exhaust <1000 miles ago
3) Leaks oil.  From multiple places.  Nothing HUGE, just multiple small-ish leaks. 
4) One of the heater hoses is suspect.  It is not currently leaking, but should be replaced.  Looks like a patch/hack job by PO.
5) Heat doesn't work super awesome.  Suspect clogged core (it is not leaking), and there might be some ducting issues, airflow isn't great.
6) Front bumper was "trimmed" by Yours Truly to clear 35s.  It was meant to be temporary, so i didn't put much effort into it.
7) Power Steering pump whines a little.  Has done it since i got it. Has not gotten worse.  Power steering works great
8) 2nd and 3rd row seats were thrown in trash
9) Sunvisor mirror lights don't work
10) Main dome light doesn't work
11) Brake fluid level float is saturated.  Brake light on 80% of the time.  Brakes work great, no leaks.
12) Rear diff light flashes when wet.  Probably flaky solenoid.  Hasn't bothered me.

1) Complete stereo.  Kenwood Excelon headunit, Soundstream 5-channel amp, 12" Funkin Audio SX series sub in sealed enclosure, Sony GS-series speakers.  Sounds GOOD.
2) 2" 4Crawler body lift
3) 15x8.5 -50ish Enkei EK32s (mismatched spare)
4) 35x12.50r15 Cooper STT Pros (matching spare)
5) Snorkel.  Probably chinese, but fits well
6) JDM fender markers (not wired yet)
7) Gauge cluster and aux gauges lit w/ red LEDs.  Have the LEDs to finish rest of the console.
8) LED reverse lights

Things i have that are not installed: THIS is the mother lode, and will remedy pretty much everything in the "not so good" section
1) ADD 1.5" lift Now installed
2) ADD bulletproofed idler  Now installed
3) Siberian Bushings for all arms/suspension  Now installed
4) Ansa oem replacement exhaust pipe/muffler for everything past the second cat converter, including new gaskets  Now installed
5) New (not reman) Denso AC compressor  Now installed
6) Front upper and lower control arms (new)  Now installed
7) Radiator cap  Now installed
8) Aforementioned heater hose  Now installed
9) Thermostat
10) Trico Teflon wiper blades
11) Front and rear endlinks  Now installed
12) JDM corner lights
13) Spare pair of 98-00 headlights in mint condition
14) Complete Morimoto D2S projector HID retrofit kit
15) Complete gen2 non-airbag dash and a huge tub of various parts to go with it (including amber print gauge cluster and aux gauges)
16) AC Evap core
17) BNIB OEM heater core w/ box
18) At least one pair of oem floor mats in serviceable condition
19) New dome light assembly

Additional pics available upon request.  Looks largely the same now, just sans roof rack, and taller because 35s and bar crank.

20171104_115829 by concealer404, on Flickr

_IGP9472 by concealer404, on Flickr

_IGP9492 by concealer404, on Flickr

Gen 2 Montero / Bars to mount RTT
« on: May 25, 2018, 09:01:36 AM »
So i have a Freespirit RTT, but don't feel good about mounting it to the factory bars. 

What do we like?  Freespirit recommended RhinoRack bars, turns out they have both a universal gutter mount setup, and something FOR the Gen2s, utilizing the oem tracks somehow.  I like to play in that area of budget vs best, and don't mind doing some sweat equity.

Are there any downsides to the stuff that just goes in the oem place?  Would universal gutter mount stuff be stronger/lower/cheaper?  What is recommended? 

Gen 2 Montero / Show me your front fender cuts for 35s
« on: May 21, 2018, 12:23:50 PM »
Let's see em!

I need to cut mine soon, my passenger side was parked on a rock at some point and i'm having trouble clearing tire at tight turns.

Gen 2 Montero / Gen2.5 EcuFlash Definition File
« on: May 16, 2018, 08:20:27 AM »
I've seen a few dozen posts saying that "we" have the definition file for these ECUs, but i haven't actually seen it, and i seem to be unable to find it.  My truck is a 98, would anyone be willing to point me in the right direction?

Gen 2 Montero / Gen2 full parts diagram?
« on: January 08, 2018, 12:25:16 PM »
Anyone have one of these in a PDF or can point to one that's easy to use online?

I need to call my dealer about a bunch of parts, and having numbers on hand for my notes is way easier than trying to guide him blind over the phone to the right part i'm talking about.

Gen 2 Montero / Extended brake lines
« on: January 05, 2018, 07:44:44 AM »
I'm guessing that with a 2" 4Crawler body lift and an ADD suspension lift, i'll be wanting some extended brake lines, right?

Is this a scenario where i just have them made locally?  Or does someone have a super secret source for them online?  I don't think i care much between oem-style or stainless braided.

Build Threads / Ya'all Are Cool, So Please Tolerate This
« on: December 01, 2017, 11:31:06 AM »
I bought an FZJ80.  Don't burn me at the stake.

Will be mild/tasteful/clean wifemobile.   :-X

There will be a fly 'n' drive report late this coming week.


What is it? 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser
Is it triple-locked?  No.  My wife will not find those necessary to get to work and back.
Miles:  206k

We're going to follow the same template set by my wife's last two SUV DDs.  (2000 XJ Cherokee and 2003 Montero)

1) Small lift, looking at OME HD springs with Bilstein 5100s thru ADD
2) 33" tires, probably Cooper ST Maxx.  Maybe a 285/75r16
3) Stereo.  This will require some work, but planning on Sony Android Auto double din, Soundstream Nano 5 channel amp, a smallish sub, and whatever 6.5" components i can get in the doors without looking awful.
4) Lighting.  Probably Depo housings, possibly with an H1 projector retrofit.
4.5) Convert all exterior running/brake lights to LED.  Possibly a pair of the nicer-looking aftermarket tail lights
5) ARB front bumper.  Possibly.  Maybe.  Mostly for looks, but hey, that's all that matters sometimes.
6) De-wood interior.  We hate it.
7) Recover front seats and add seat heaters.

Current issues:
1) Small leak from front diff
2) Has wood interior
3) Front seats are trashed
4) Tires are trashed
5) Brakes feel gross
6) Doesn't look "butch" enough

Build Threads / Concealer's Worst Build Thread In History
« on: October 30, 2017, 01:36:58 PM »
I will do what i can to keep this thing up, but no promises.  This truck is 3rd or 4th in line in the Project Line-Up, so unfortunately it's relegated to "I do what i can, when i can, how i can."  I just decided this morning by way of buying tires for it that i was going to keep it, so here goes.

It's a green (gross) with tan/brown (uuugggghhhhhhhh) interior 98 Winter Package with some miles on it.  I think 172k?  Not sure. 

I'm going to keep using this as a jack of all trades.  I use it to haul parts.  I use it to run errands.  I will be using it to tow another project.  I will camp out of it.  I will bounce it off rocks.  I'll get it stuck in mud.  I'll probably use it as a platform to learn how to weld on. 

Current modifications (I'll at least try to keep this updated):

Nilight LED reverse lights (a la Imnosaint)

4Crawler 2" body lift
15x8.5 -19 Enkei EK32 2 piece wheels
35x12.50r15 Cooper STT Pros

Nothing.  I keep oil in it most of the time.
Some cobbled together ridiculously leaky exhaust courtesy of PO

2nd and 3rd row seats thrown in dumpster
Kenwood Excelon KDC-X997 headunit
Sony GS 6.5" components in front doors
Sony GS 6.5" components (mids only) in rear location
Funkin Audio SX-series 12" sub in a small sealed box
Sounstream Picasso Nano PND-5.640 amp

Offroad-y/Overlanding things:
Ebay Snorkel

Near Future Plans:
1) I have a non-airbag dash and a set of amber face gauges (main and aux) to install.  I should probably re-seal all the ductwork and consider replacing all the heat/ac components behind the dash while i'm in there.
2) I have the better t-case shifter to install hanging out on the shelf
3) D2 HID conversion setup.  Bought it nearly a year ago. Haven't had time.
4) Give my entire piggybank to ADD for their catalog

Less-near Future Plans:
1) Install all the things from ADD
2) Gears.  Need to decide between 4.90s and 5.29s.  Will likely go 4.90s because much cheaper, and ease of just using an entire Sport front diff
3) Bumpers. 
4) Sleeping platform.  Needs to be fold/be modular, but backwards from most people.  I am unwilling to give up my ability to just slam a gross motor/trans in the back of this thing, and loading a motor under/on top of a platform sucks.
5) Sliders
6) 6g75 swap.  I don't particularly care of it's MIVEC or not, i'm literally only planning on this because my original motor is questionable, leaking everywhere, and has questionable components on it.  It needs to be pulled out, and i'm not going through that effort just to put another 6g74 in.
6.5) Transgo kit
7) 17s and Sport brakes
8) Figure out whatever front grill Toasty is running and get one.

Random Pics

The morning i picked it up.
2016-01-19_09-36-47 by concealer404, on Flickr

The next morning.
_IGP9468 by concealer404, on Flickr

_IGP9492 by concealer404, on Flickr

_IGP9466 by concealer404, on Flickr

Playing at Indiana Badlands Offroad Park
2017-10-30_04-33-30 by concealer404, on Flickr

2017-10-30_04-33-55 by concealer404, on Flickr

2017-10-30_04-34-30 by concealer404, on Flickr

For Sale Automotive / FS: 2003 20th Anniversary Montero
« on: October 06, 2017, 11:11:22 AM »
Color:  Black
Mileage:  127k
Title:  Clean (bank lien, will pay off prior to purchase)
Condition:  Sale Excellent
Price:  Pending
Location:  Indianapolis, IN

Alright Gents, time to let this one go.

Black on black 20th Anniversary in excellent condition inside and out, mechanically and cosmetically.  I purchased this about 2 years ago and less than 15k miles ago.  Modifications were performed by previous owner who put minimal miles on them prior to my purchase.   Lots of recent maintenance performed this year (all work within the last 5k miles) results in a truck ready to rock for a long time.  Truck shows zero signs of leaky stem seals, has been receiving oil changes every 6 months in my ownership with Amsoil Signature oil and Amsoil filters.

This is a West Coast truck with zero rust.  I "imported" it from SoCal when i purchased it.

OME HD lift
235/85-16 Duratracs
K&N drop-in filter
U-Haul hitch receiver

Recent maintenance:
Timing belt (including all seals, water pump, tensioner, etc)
VC gaskets
Intake manifold gaskets
All serpentine pullies/tensioners and belt
Front and rear brake rotors/pads
Front tires (previous fronts were damaged from debris)
Oil pressure sending unit
Spark plugs and wires
Rear cam seal

Less-Than-Perfect Things:
Some fine citizen in California broke off the power antenna. 
Headlights are cloudy.  I will attempt to buff prior to sale, but wasn't a priority for me, i was going to backdate to 01-02 lights.
Spare tire is not matching, and the cover wandered off prior to my ownership.
One small ding in passenger rear quarter due to oblivious parkers.
Clear coat issue on license plate light/rear handle housing.
Small scuff on lower passenger side of front bumper.



2015-10-15_09-16-23 by concealer404, on Flickr

2003 Montero-3 by concealer404, on Flickr

2003 Montero-5 by concealer404, on Flickr

Gen 3 Montero / MAP sensor reporting boost under load/truck stalling
« on: September 27, 2017, 03:32:33 PM »
Troubleshooting a weird thing that has started happening in the last 2-3 days on Wife's 2003 Montero.

At a stop, in gear, with a/c on, it's stalling. 

Will not stall if in park, though idle gets a bit low.

No CELs being reported, no codes.

I was driving it on Saturday and it lost power twice for about 1-2 seconds each time.  Truck seemed to stay running, but just went "flat" if that makes sense.

Does not seem to stall if a/c is off. 

A/C still works great.

OBDII reader through Torque Lite is reporting up to 27psi of "boost" through the MAP sensor every time you put your foot in it.  Idle/low load cruise vacuum looks normal.  Normally i'd say for SURE that the MAP is bad, but knowing that these are weird trucks and Mitsubishi is well.... Mitsubishi, i suppose it's possible that they suck at implementing OBDII PIDs.  Anyone else check MAP with Torque Lite and come up with a bunch of boost?

General Discussion / Hotlink/embed uploaded pictures in posts
« on: June 08, 2017, 06:19:19 AM »
This was working (i think?), but seems to have stopped? 

Posts, particularly write-ups are hard to follow without the pictures inserted where they would go, instead just listing download links to each file at end of the post.

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