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Mitsubishi Related / Bearing Cross reference Thread
« on: October 08, 2017, 10:08:29 PM »
I was the parts manager for a medical vacuum and air company for a while. Vacuum pumps are a weird animal with many coming from Italy and Germany. Anyways, long story short,  I found a lot of work arounds for sourcing hard to find or exorbitantly OEM priced bearings and seals, by sizing them and locating the equivalent, from specialized bearing suppliers which are usually same brand as OEM. Just need the ID (inside diameter) OD (Outside diameter) and width  measurements. digital calipers usually work pretty good and if there's a brand and trade number that's usually etched on to the side of the oem bearing being replaced, that helps verify the measurements. SKF/Koyo etc pretty much use very similar number sequences.

We should spec out all Gen differential bearings, T case bearings, and any other hard to find or expensive ones we can think of and deposit the information here. If anyone has any lying around please share and take photos of any makings. I may have some Gen 1 front diff bearings somewhere in an ARB box, I'll try to start it off soon.

This could save some cash for those of us installing lockers, gears, T-case reduction sets, etc.

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