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Gen 2 Montero / Re: How can I tell if I have stock OEM Radiator?
« on: November 12, 2018, 04:29:26 PM »
Thanks for the info!

I read about the group buy, but I'd like to check off the radiator on my list of things to replace sooner than later as I have many more things on my list. :)

Gen 2 Montero / How can I tell if I have stock OEM Radiator?
« on: November 12, 2018, 04:06:07 PM »
I'm looking to get my radiator re-cored in the next week or two for my 1997 SR, but only if it's the original radiator. I just don't know if it's original or one of these so called cheap replacement parts that I have been reading about.

Here are 2 pics if someone could eyeball the OEM radiator by sight:

Excuse the dirt, but I just got back from a week long Death Valley expedition. I pulled my shroud because some of the mounts broke and I'm about to order a new one. I figure I should renew my cooling system after I noticed that some of my cooling fins, or whatever they're called are flaking off.

Otherwise, it looks like the only two reasonable replacement radiators are the all metal units from CSF and Performance Radiator:
CSF Part #3050
PR Part #2072



General Discussion / Re: Montero Monday - Aka 'post your montero pics'
« on: April 09, 2018, 03:57:21 AM »

1997 Montero SR bought right before Christmas 2017, with 225,000 miles. I bought it in most excellent condition, minus the leather typical 20 year old degradation and some roof rust around the sun roof. A Little bit of sanding and bondo took care of that.

30x9.5x15 tires :(

Rocky Road Super Sliders.

Monstaliner roll on bedliner in Desert Sand.

Rola roof basket from Amazon with 2 extensions and some Rola van ladder racks (load bars), bringing the total of the roof rack under $500. The goal was to get a "temporary placeholder" for lights, side and rear awnings, while having a temp place for some plano 1919 boxes and a gas can or two.

285/75/R16, Proline 16x8 wheels with a 4.63 axle swap, along with the ADD lift and a 2" body lift are planned. The 1 year plan is 315/75R16's with 4.9 R&P as well as a front air locker.

General Discussion / Re: Buying a non CA SR as a CA resident
« on: March 09, 2018, 12:17:58 AM »
I never posted a follow up. I was able to buy a '97 a few days after I posted this thread, with 220k on the clock. It was very well maintained with zero body damage and very little rust. Just the typical hood and roof paint fading. Checking craigslist a hundred times a day really paid off in this case, because the only reason I got it was that I was first to contact. I drove 2 hours that very night to pick it up.

I'm planning 285/75R16 MT's, black Pro Comp steelies, 4.63 axle swap, 2" body lift and the ADD suspension. Down the line will be custom fabbed bumpers and a Frontrunner Pajero roof rack. It's listed on the AU and SA version of the site, but not the USA site.

Here it is with the new paint. Rolled Monstaliner in Desert Sand. I think it turned out great. The one absolute thing I hate about Monty's is the 90's two tone paint scheme. No thank you :)

General Discussion / Re: Buying a non CA SR as a CA resident
« on: December 15, 2017, 10:14:12 PM »
Thanks guys. I guess i'll make sure to buy in state only as i don't need a 2 ton paperweight that I can't legally drive if I don't pass smog.

Thanks for the list, RXIN HED. All of the SR's I have looked at so far have had expired registrations and will not pass smog in their current state. Including the ones on this list.

 I'm not really interested in the LS or the gen 2.5's There is something about the look of the gen2 over the gen 2.5 that I have to have.

I just have to be patient.


General Discussion / Buying a non CA SR as a CA resident
« on: December 15, 2017, 01:30:04 AM »

I'm new to the forum and I am dead set on buying a 95-96 SR. I've wanted one since I couldn't afford one in the 90's and had to settle for a Isuzu Trooper LS.

I'm located in California and it's getting hard to wait for a decent SR to come up for sale. Am I right to assume that buying an out of state, i.e 49 state smog legal Montero would be a bad idea? As in impossible to smog in California?


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