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Gen 2 Montero / Re: Gen 2 suspension questions
« on: August 18, 2020, 11:19:59 PM »
I realize this is an old thread but I'm hoping someone with some firsthand experience can offer some advice. I live in Costa Rica and purchased a 95 Gen2 3.5L not long ago. The suspension is very tired and needs replaced. Pretty much the only suspension kit I can find here is Old Man Emu. So, I think I will go with their springs. But, I would prefer to go with the Bilstein shocks, either the 4600 or 5100. I have read everything I can find on them but just need a bit more clarification.
Many of the roads here are rocky, washboard, rough dirt/gravel roads. And my goal is to be able to drive on them without having to go super slow (as I do now because of the worn suspension. i.e. lots of bounce, very rough). I am leaning towards the 5100's because everything says how soft they are on these types of roads. But I'm afraid they would be too soft and bounce over large bumps. The 4600's also get great reviews. I would lean towards these because I really don't like bounce. How much stiffer are they? Does anyone have experience with the ADD Combo Breaker kit? Or either of these combo's?

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