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Mitsubishi Related / Re: Let's talk about increased fuel consumption!
« on: November 12, 2018, 07:04:59 PM »
all of these things are things I need to fix lol

I'm not missing this one for anything lol

I finally mounted my fullsize spare on a montero sport rim from the yard but its now in the way of my cb whip. Where should I mount it now? Brush guard? Door jam?

damn dude that's a good looking truck haha  8)
where did you get that snorkel? the ones I can find are gen 2.5

Shot last weekend in Joshua Tree. Sexy beast this one is turning out to  be

I'm diggin toyota. they act like they still care about us {trd pro} plus the landcruiser 200 is a solid rig. I know some guys dont like the gx470's but they're good too. fj cruisers  rule also. That new F-ATC or whatever also says their interested in making an electric off_roader

What engine?
looks like a 2.6 to me. only has 88k on it

Making great progress with this truck! It's shaping up well.
Thanks man! It's pretty rewarding!
I'm picking up a mighty max next week so another build might be underway. It's in rough shape but the motor and trans are great, might just part it out. You guys get first dibs of course!

You get those from Mark? Looks good.
these are the free tundra rims from mark!

new tires and brush guard really make my monty look mean  8) ;D

ALL MAKES - ALL MODELS - Build Threads / Re: B.N.Z.MTNS -Elevation 5,807
« on: November 24, 2017, 09:13:13 AM »
I love the BRP too, but I am considering selling it...
I sold mine to buy a Montero, literally bought it a week after. The pig just wasn't practical, it was my first motorcycle and it was a bit much to say the least. The p/o had stage 2 hotcams and full race exhaust. not the easiest thing to commute southern California highways on haha. I love my Montero so much more, good off road performance and it isn't terrifying to drive.

ALL MAKES - ALL MODELS - Build Threads / Re: B.N.Z.MTNS -Elevation 5,807
« on: November 24, 2017, 07:32:28 AM »
I miss my big red pig  :'( the 650r is one hell of a bike. great lookin truck man  8)

PART 3   rebirth
After a 1,300 mile road trip from SoCal to the grand canyon, meteor crater, Flagstaff, Sedona, and finally Jerome my truck began misfirirng on cyl 5, I let it sit for a couple months while I saved up to have the valve stems done by a pro. two days after the stems were finished me and my girlfriend moved out to the promise land (as far as monteros are concerned) Phoenix, AZ.
Once I was out here i made some pretty rad friends and did more work.
The list: 1 A.C. fan (done)
             2 outer tie rods (done)
             3 idle arm (done)
             4 rear brake overhual (not completed)
             5 16" rims and OG BFG A/T KOs (not mounted)
             6 Another trans flush and Reybestos in-line filter install (not completed)
             7 magnet c.b. whip replacement (done)

             8 new shocks (done)

            how she currently sits

Not to sound too dumb, but what's wrong with my tires? Yeah they're small but they're good all terrains. It's going to be a month before I can pull the trigger on a new set. And finding tires in 33x10.5 r15 is a bitch so I think I'm going to have to go the 33x12.5 balloon tire route :'(

DUDE! I don't where anything is out here so showing me some cool spots would be dope. (not to mention I've met a lot of the crew but you  ;D ) hit me up on facebook when you are free, maybe we can get Shovel and Ernest out there *AHEM*

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