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Gen 1 Montero / Had a big fuel problem, may have misfire or dead injectors?
« on: November 09, 2017, 06:52:45 PM »
alright, lets take a long story and make it short: i was driving an hour home from washington PA to murrysville pa, i was in 3rd gear going 45mph with my blinkers on. My car had very little power and could barely make it up the slightest hill. I had a cracked fuel line, replaced it, started the car up and its still really weak (can barely make it up any hill in second gear). It sounds rough when its running and doesnt seem to be making power. should i replace the injectors? do you think any damage was done to the engine due to it possibly running lean with how little fuel it was getting and how hard i was trying to run it just to get it home? What should i look for first? is there any way i can run codes on this? thanks, this has been a nightmare.

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