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Build Threads / Re: Se7en62's '99 Montero Gen 2.5 Overland Build & Adventures
« Last post by Se7en62 on January 13, 2020, 09:58:25 PM »
Haven't done an update in some time, just due to travel and work and other projects we have going on. I'll update this thread soon, but in the meantime, check out our new short film we produced about this truck and two other Montero on an epic trip across Colorado.  8)
General Discussion / Driven Over Land - A Short Film
« Last post by Se7en62 on January 13, 2020, 09:56:28 PM »
A 26-minute overland adventure through the Colorado backcountry with Driven Over Land and our trio of Mitsubishi Monteros. Join us for 8-days, 11 epic passes, and 7 remote camps in 6 nat'l forests. I hope y'all enjoy our short film. It was a ton of work and is our first attempt at capturing the majesty and grandness of the Rocky Mountains.
This is a bummer, but the audio upgrade thread by Shovel is one for sure to archive on the main website if possible.  Even without the photos, although it would be MUCH better with the photos too!
Gen 2 Montero / Re: 96 SR tach help
« Last post by misensick on January 02, 2020, 03:24:40 PM »
For Sale Automotive / Re: Clean 2000 Gen 2.5 for sale!
« Last post by NWAMonty on December 30, 2019, 09:58:30 AM »
I see the CL ad is down. Just curious... how'd the sale go?
No need for speculation Russel, I can clarify... The forum is closing because I can't keep out the bots and still allow new members to register. Captcha and email verification isnt enough to stop the site from being bogged down by tons of fake accounts making phishing posts. Eric and I tried a number of counter measures and different verification means. The only one that 'worked' was manually verifying every account, but the flood of fake accounts made finding the real accounts a burden in itself. The forum simply existing has resulted in exposing the main email addresses attached to the domain (mine) to a massive flood of spam emails, this has made customer service and order tracking extremely difficult. I've spent the last few months shutting down sources of this spam, its taken a toll.

I really wanted to do this for the community, it was nice while it lasted, I wish it could continue to exist, it did a great job of helping a lot of people and continues to aid people through the existing posts. I do not have the time, skill, nor available bandwidth to bring it back to something useful to the community without it further bogging down the primary functions of my business. I appreciate all the tech posts contributed to this forum as does the general Montero Community at large.

a big 'Thank you' to Eric for the efforts made to clean this place up and retain what useful information it has. Had it not been for him, this place would be buried in posts containing malicious links.

The Mitsubishi Monteros USA facebook group continues to be the largest and most active place for Montero related information:

General Discussion / Re: Memorium
« Last post by IncorpoRatedX on December 20, 2019, 09:08:57 AM »
Thatís very sad news. He will be remembered and missed, Iíve only had the pleasure of talking to him a handful of times, always a pleasant and supportive guy. He reached out when I first started ADD to congratulate on the start up and commend me for taking on such a niche platform, we talked a few times over the last few years, his sense of humor and general good mood will be missed. RIP Ed.
Gen 2 Montero / Fuel Tank/Pump
« Last post by radar56 on December 19, 2019, 05:24:04 PM »
Anyone know where I could look into getting a new tank and maybe pump assembly.  Engine has been running a little rough and was going to check the fuel filter, turns out that isn't going to happen being the pump bolts are never coming out.  The lines look like they could go anyday as well.  Got to love MN!
Gen 1 Montero / Re: Mitsubishi Montero SAS 2 door
« Last post by RXIN HED on December 18, 2019, 11:08:10 AM »
And you get Simex tires? Lucky!

Looking good! The 8.8 Ford axle is so common in Cali, lots of unused D35s.
Gen 1 Montero / Mitsubishi Montero SAS 2 door
« Last post by Montero506 on December 07, 2019, 04:17:23 PM »
Hello guys!!

Sharing the bit of advance on my project, it started as a 2 door montero I got for cheap, is running the 2.6 gas engine and 5 speed manual, superb engine.
Got wheel spacers and 33s with no lift amazing cars! but well suspension died and there was something needed to be done.... either rebuild or something cool....

Way too deep haha

So here we go!!

Front suspension is a 3 link, lower links on bushing + heims, upper heims for adjustability
Rear suspension, front Discovery II RA super long and will be strong enough
Heim joint steering with a modified pitman arm and a DIY Hi steer for the dana (similar to what is done for the jeep SOA)
Dana 30 and 35 for ease of parts (Ford 8.8 is way too expensive here and kind of rare) got a non C-clip dana 35 for peace of mind
Rubicon Express coils for the front stock cherokee rear
ProComp ES9000 shocks (30 inch)
Reinforced chassis with 1/4 inch plate on vital parts

Will be running 4.88 gears and 35s

Stuff I need to get, Dana 30 posi lock, gearing, tires, lockers and lot more stuff but we are never over right??  ;D

So Pura Vida guys!!


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