Author Topic: Gen 2.5 trans fluid: SPIII or not?  (Read 6332 times)


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Re: Gen 2.5 trans fluid: SPIII or not?
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I respect your opinions and your thoughts...and I appreciate it.

Though I do believe that you can't go wrong with OEM fluids, but I also believe there is possibility for better stuff out there and could be worth a try. I developed this opinion from switching from OEM fluids to Redline fluids on my Galant VR4 and my other Galant which resulted in MUCH better drivetrain performance and operation.

I have been using Amsoil products since 2001 from their oil and even their ATF on my 1st mitsu which was a 95 Galant. Never had a issue with their stuff...if anything I did notice improvement. Through the years I have used their stuff here and there..but mostly used Valvoline and Mobil mainly because they were more accessible to buy and offered more deals/discounts through mainstream stores like Walmart.

I have known many and have friends that have used Amsoil products in their vehicles (Evos, Subies, Hondas, Toyotas, etc etc) and never heard any complaints of experiences issues using their products on their builds.

So from my personal experience and knowing many that have used Amsoil products for over a decade (in other applications besides Monteros) I am pretty confident in using their ATF on mine. I will be happy to report a short term and long term review in this build thread and hopefully opens another option of gear lube and ATF fluid for those thinking of using something else that OEM Mitsu SP3.
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