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2.5 Gen Transfer Case Failure

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Hey guys, looking for some tips from someone who may have experienced this before. I have a 98 Winter Edition. On Cinnamon Pass this weekend I could not shift the vehicle into 4llc. Vehicle was in nuetral, I tried with both the ebrake set and off, also tried to roll back. Still nothing. Air locker will set on 4hlc so I know that is working fine. I had no issues with 4llc on Argentine Pass last weekend.

I posted a video. Let me know your thoughts.

I can't seem to open the video file, but someone else recently had this issue.  It turned out to be the exploding plastic shift ball.

Also:  i didn't know until now that you could use the locker in 4hlc, so thanks for that information.  :)

The video should work, I just got it downloaded on my computer.

Thanks for the tip, I found a couple of links:!!?highlight=montero+transfer+case+shifter

Looks like my next step is to open everything up and to track down the part.  A quick Google search yielded nothing.

No problem on the Pro Tip  ;) I think you would use the locker in 4H if you ever got stuck in light snow which I imagine is impossible in this vehicle lol.

I have sold 2 "white ball" shifters recently...always on the look out for them. When I have a opportunity finding Monteros I try to get as much usable parts to offer to the community. My venturing business is called Nostalgic JDM, so if you are on FB or IG, feel free to follow me and I usually post whatever I sell on those accounts and try to share them on groups.

Thanks, I reached out to him on Expo so we'll see if they are still available.


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