Author Topic: Mitsubishi Owners Day 2017 - 100th Anniversary -July 7th-9th- Montero MOD Squad  (Read 3989 times)


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That was so fun. Warning though - if you ever decide to pick up Mr. Shovel, and you don't want to injure yourself, ensure you either:

A. Have ZERO sense of humour
B. Are stone deaf
C. Have good Abdominal muscles.

I swear I got a complete gym workout laughing at his hyperbolic commentary as we spent the next day or so driving to and from MOD. He really is actually funnier in person (which is saying something) and despite his constant claims to the contrary, he's a pretty nice guy. But don't tell him you heard that from me.

The MOD squad treated myself and my Delica buddy like kings. Heck, I got out at the meeting spot in AZ, and must've looked ready to pass out in my black t-shirt (ridiculously hot that day), because Mr. Toasty immediately gifted me a white ADD shirt. These dudes are the real deal!