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Got a problem? Use the TROUBLESHOOTING subs!


This is what happens when Phil and I get to talking. (Which I hope we'll be doing more and more of in the future, by the way.)

Got a problem with your truck? Use the TROUBLESHOOTING sub for your vehicle. Here's why:

1. It saves us having to ask, "Which truck is this?" You post in Gen 1 Montero, we know it's a Gen 1 Montero.
2. We can put our heads together and solve problems once and for all. (It's why we're here, right?)
3. Once the problem is solved, the ADD Wiki Team will turn the thread into a definitive How-to article.

Next thing you know, we've got the be-all, end-all Mitsubishi 4WD wiki on the web. Come see the FSM in action!

Like I said, this is what happens when you get Phil and I talking. Adam was there, too, just quietly listening, while dreaming of a quiet lunch break spent eating lunch--instead of playing Level 3 Montero Tech Support. ;)

PS: The wiki doesn't exist yet, but methinks it will happen fairly soon. Phil is almost back to the border, right? Haha

 I'm all about this!

Yay! Maybe I'll be able to call my Mom on lunch breaks instead of answering 15 tech questions while wolfing down food. :D

I love you guys, but there's a lot of ya and I've only got two hands.


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