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Re: Champagne taste 1991 LWB Pajero
« Reply #15 on: February 24, 2018, 11:42:51 AM »
Perfect, likely making it nearly impossible for finding a matching 5th spare.  :P

you can find them all over the auctions and it wouldn't be hard at all to re-barrel them

Love that Japanese manual, wish ours had cool cartoons.
Ours do! I like the one with the angry sun cooking the cassette tape.

now I want to see if I have the same cartoon tape

Great rig! Looks like a great example of jdm goodness with all the goodies!

Thanks man, hopefully I can extend the jdm goodness even more


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Re: Champagne taste 1991 LWB Pajero
« Reply #16 on: June 26, 2018, 08:43:51 AM »
its been a minute.  Not to much of a big update but some work has been done

left my old dealer for a new one, way nicer shop and actually making what im worth, plus only 4 day work week.

managed to build my new exhaust 2.5" straight pipe from the down pipe back using only scrap bits I had laying around.

This is the prototype model for the stainless steel one i should start production on soon.  2.5" straight mandrel bent around axle, 3" or 3.5" tail pipe.  with the ability to put a muffler in

coated it in header paint to protect for the time being even though its aluminized steel
 compared to my old 2"/ factory exhaust

Link to the video of the exhaust

Between moving my tool box to my house (new dealer has built in boxes)

i found my old alternator belt.  This belt took me 2500miles to wisconsin and back.  cant even read the date of mfg but its a mitsuboshi belt

after replacing it and the other 2.  I now remember why on top of all the pristine maintenance that was done on the truck why he never replaced this belt

for the past 6 months I have had a seized left rear caliper.  It kind of came and went.  mostly was just avoiding doing it because I didnt have time and I knew the pad had life.  Pulsation at 50+ mph that felt like the wheel was coming off.  Well 2 weeks ago I heard the pad on the screamer bar so I knew I would have to take care of it.

now fun fact 1991 gen 2 pajeros have mixed parts compared to the montero.  I have 91 gen 1 montero front brakes while the rears are 92 gen montero calipers

so using my dealer discount at napa
-loaded 92 montero rear caliper
-92 montero rear pads
-92 montero rear rotors
-92 montero rear brake hose
only was about $120 with all that being there premium stuff. 

tbh I knew the whole job would take me only 15min.  when you work on vehicles for a living, you dont even want to hear the word car or truck after you leave work.  either way got the job done and now realized why i should have done it earlier

plus this stuff is liquid gold.  PB blaster has nothing on the mopar stuff

it was a relief to see that the number on the reman 92 gen2 montero caliper is the same as 91 gen 2 pajero caliper

lets play do you know your stuff
which rotor was on the seized caliper

I switched jobs with the idea of more time todo other things and well money had a big thing todo with it too.  The idea is to move away from a dealer ship to open the aftermarket fabrication shop. 

lately I have had a ton of side work which has helped me start feeling the dream

glued a muffler onto my friends skyline mid pipe

added a bung to a golf R down pipe

made a cat delete pipe for a miata

I guess next is to start making more stuff that the aftermarket lacks for montero/pajero chassis.  I want to prototype a tailgate ladder like the old jaos style.  make a arb style roof rack for out chassis.  And obviously an exhaust

next things on the list
-take it off road more
-prep for mod east
-roof rack
-ladder rack
-install boost gauge

oh yea and get time to install these