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Hi all!

I recently joined the elite group of Montero owner.
I picked up a 97 Montero is pretty rough cosmetic shape, but not terrible engine shape. Long story short on this build, I've ordered a bunch of parts to conquer some general maintenance items BEFORE throwing 33's or 35's at it. I'd say the "Ultimate" goal is get 35's to tackle all the trails I'd like to here in Idaho/Oregon/Washington but I think I'll be able to get through most of what Idaho has to offer on 33's. Here's the teneitive break down of my 30day plan.

First 30 days:
-----Strip and clean interior plastics and seats
-----Vacuum and Shampoo carpet
-----De-crust buttons (those things barely toggle)
-----Fix misc obvious issues
-----Replace broken passenger window regulator
-----Replace timing belt (OEM)
-----Replace water pump
-----Replace gaskets as necessary to stop any/all oil leaks
-----Replace all 4 corners suspension (4600's were ordered, but upgrading to 5100's)
-----Figure out why rear locker switch isn't working
-----Get better wheels there (31's are fine for the first phase)

This Montero is budgeted around $3000 total. I'm currently up to $2200 on my Rig, maintenance parts, and other misc stuff for cleaners, filters, and fluids.

Part of my 60 day plans are to upgrade the rims/wheels and acquire the larger brake upgrade from the MS sport, along with the 4.9 axles. That may come this weekend though, since the parts are all sitting in the local wrecking yard in reasonable condition.

For those of you that are interested, I'll be logging my build with the help of my trust Action Camera... I did a shake down to see what needs to be addressed first, and suspension was the primary thing I found.
Camera work is not the best, but it was a spur of the moment decision. I figured it's an easier way to kind of show the progress of the rig.

 Welcome!  nice video.

Thank's Toasty. The first week of owning the Montero was filled with dismantling and chasing down gremlins while waiting for parts to arrive. I think some of my parts are held hostage at the Post Office, so I'm going to venture over there today to pick it up.
I can't wait to clean the underside of the car and fix the oil leaks... That should make quick(er) work of tracking down any additional leaks that need to be addressed.
In the mean time, I'll be tackling the passenger window. I ordered a replacement mechanism for it... Should be a pretty simple and straight forward fix, but then again... When does anything "simple" not turn complex? haha.

Build Update:
Video Form (TLDR):

Written For:
So, with the major setback of free time (week long trips, jeep runs, etc) I was finally able to get out and turn some wrenches.
I obviously didn't complete my 30 plan as desired, but I'm finally able to chug a long. This last weekend, I dove into the motor to replace the massive leaking front oil seal. I also replaced the timing components and water pump while I was in there. Everything was running smooth until all my timing cover gaskets were falling to the ground in chunks... I ordered some new gaskets, since I didn't want to use massive amounts of RTV, so I'll finish that up one night this evening. In the mean time, I have all the seats back in the Montero ready to go. Once I finish all my general maintenance, it's time to move on to some of the fun projects.
What I have sitting in my garage currently are:
-33x12.5x15 Tires
-ADD 5100 Struts
-ADD Body lift
-95 Front and Rear axles (for the 4.63 gears)

This weekend, the objective is to get the struts, body lift, and tires on the car. It's a long road, but i'm trying to make sure everything is trail worthy in the next few weeks... I'm going on a 4x4 run with a bunch of Jeeper's, and I have to make sure I represent the Montero community to the best of my ability.

Just watched the timing belt video and it is a little action camera but your tensioner pulley looks to be oriented right but your tensioner seems to be extended a little further than the FSM calls for. I believe the gap is 3-5mm which I use the eraser of a pencil to measure since it's really close to 5mm. Now this could all be due to camera angle but when you pulled the pin on the tensioner did it slide out with ease or did you have yank pretty good and the tensioner shot out after. I'm hoping this is all just camera angle that I'm mistaken for. easiest way for me to tell that the tensioner is set properly is after it's all set and I do my two revolutions of the crank with my ratchet my tensioner pin still slides easily in and out of the hole. Other than that love the video and especially the creativity to get that crank seal off. Best of luck with future upgrades. You can't go wrong with ADD components those guys have stuff dialed in to the next level for these trucks


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