Author Topic: My catalytic system - readiness code and drive cycle question  (Read 1309 times)


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Hi all - I am trying to get my 03 montero limited smogged. I reset the ECU recently for other reasons and now I am waiting for the readiness code for the catalytic system. I read a TSB on this subject and Mitsu says that I need to drive 15 min at 55 mph with a fuel tank between 40 and 15 percent. I drove this but with a fuel tank closer to 75%. I did not get the readiness code. I am thinking its due to the fuel level.

I checked my Torque scantool and fuel level doesnt appear to be an output on the ECU. Does the computer output this incfomation? My digital "miles til empty" RV meter has been flaky. sometimes it reports no change in miles till empty or it reports fine. I hope that the faulty RV meter isnt an indication that the fuel level reported by the ECU isnt faulty.

Regardless - I keep waiting for the readiness code....


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Re: My catalytic system - readiness code and drive cycle question
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Sorry I can't pose any help here TJ. I've never had to do anything with emissions testing, so I know nothing.

I've heard that the AZ Crew guys are wizards when it comes to emissions stuff, but I don't know how much of that collective knowledge pertains to the Gen3. You might try asking them over in their forum section.

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