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Re: Rambo Penguin's Gen 3 Montero Build
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I finally did it! I built a front bumper! Iíve wanted to do this since i moved to Montana to give me a fighting chance against the massive population of deer out here. My goal was complicated. I wanted to build something that matched the lines of the Montero, was as light as possible, was removable for ease of maintenance, could protect against light animal strikes, wouldnít hinder the epic approach angle that i already had, and would be cheap. Obviously if I was really worried about animal strikes and performance i would just get an ARB, but they are out of my budget and I think they look ridiculous on the gen 3. There isnít a straight line almost anywhere on the car, and the ARB is just an angular block. Doesnít fit the style and it adds about a foot to the front of the car. The big challenge here is that the Gen 3 doesnít have anywhere to mount a bumper too, since itís a unibody. Iíll go into a good amount of detail about the build here, if you just want to see the end result skip it and check out the pics at the end, my feelings wonít be hurt.

Step 1) prep the front end for a bumper. There are 2 things that need to move when building a bumper: the windshield washer reservoir and the factory crash bars. The crash bars are easy, grab a sawzall and go. I cut through the thinner metal and left the rest intact. I cleaned it up with a dremel and painted the whole thing black. The washer reservoir is also easy to remove and some people just leave them off, but I like being able to wash off my windshield so I decided to come up with an alternative reservoir. A quick Ebay search lead me to a $10 washer fluid bag with a pump included. Splice it into the factory wires, run the plumbing to the factory spots and itís done. I hung it right behind my passenger headlight.

Step 2) build a bumper mounting point.

I saw a lot of different designs for this. All are by DIY intensive and require a lot of tools and skill. Mine, unfortunately, is not any different. I opted to basically continue to build out the Box and ladder frame design that the montero already had (even though itís a unibody.. So weird how they built these). So I used a hole saw to cut a 2Ē hole in the rails, put a piece of ⅛Ē wall tubing through it and welded it to the frame as best I could. This is about as solid of a mount as it gets. It would be nearly impossible to get that bar to move in the frame rails. After that I welded some mounting plates to it. I used ⅛Ē metal for everything. This would serve as the permanent side of the bumper mount and allow for me to have a clear spot to attach the bumper and also allow me to easily remove it later.

Step 3) The actual bumper

Similar to the mounting point, I designed a plate that would bolt on and hold the bumper. I decided to go with a tube bumper to save weight and to follow the montero styling. This proved to be a lot more work than i thought. Iíd never worked with tubing before and it proved to be much harder than expected. After hours of bending, measuring, cutting, redoing, welding and a lot of head scratching and staring, I finally settled on something I liked. Simple, clean and attainable. This was far from my best work, my welds were strong but ugly, my angles are off, things are uneven, but in the grand scheme of it all, you wonít notice unless you were looking for it. Overall, iím happy. Iíll probably keep cleaning it up and making it look a little better. I plan to add some amber fog lights as well to help with snow glare this winter. Iím proud that i built it myself, i feel like it will be sufficient to protect my rig in most applications and i like the way it looks well enough.

And now, pictures. Unfortunately I didnít take a lot of shots during the creation process.. Basically there was a lot of grinding, bending and welding.. But now itís done and looks like this!

Side note: Chances are very high that this is hurting my MPG because you can see almost all of my 33Ē tire haha. I might try to make it more aerodynamic (something like filling in the sides or making an integrated front skid plate.. But those are problems for the future)