Author Topic: Product Review: Swagman Chinook Bicycle Carrier  (Read 663 times)


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Product Review: Swagman Chinook Bicycle Carrier
« on: April 01, 2018, 12:26:44 AM »
Swagman Chinook

Getting straight to the point -

  • Inner bike clears the Montero spare
  • About as good ground clearance as can be expected from a hitch mounted carrier
  • Feels really quite secure, I'd trust this on washboards or cross-continent
  • Fits non-traditional bike frames
  • Fits my kind of budget
  • Anti-wobble bolt locks to the vehicle so you could leave it on there pretty much full time.   It folds forward to reduce length a bit.

  • Although it does tilt,  it doesn't tilt far enough to allow the rear door to open much with bikes on it
  • Uses a separate key for its hitch lock and the locking arms.. plus you'll probably need a key for your actual bike lock, plus maybe a cable lock to the vehicle if you're all 'noided..

Overall I like this carrier.   It's not difficult to load, I feel like our bikes are absolutely secure on it when in motion,  it's not too unwieldy to carry in and out of the house when removed from the vehicle.     You could get a better carrier for more money but probably not for the same or less.