Author Topic: Solid Gold to Rusted Steel - Our Solo Trip on Colorado's 675-mile BDR  (Read 576 times)


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Hey y'all, I just thought I'd share this with everyone. Jeepers International published my article recapping our solo-adventure along the 675-mile Colorado Backroad Discovery Route. This was August, 2017 when I had my XJ and before I came over to the Montero platform. However, the editor is interested in more about the Montero. Luckily, we're setting off with the Montero in just under two weeks on an equally as epic trip so I'll have plenty to write about and lots of photos to share.

Anyway, if you're interested here's the link to that article:

Also, for those who subscribe to OutdoorX4 magazine, be on the lookout for my 2-page spread of Imogene Pass on pages 12 and 13 of Issue 27 being shipped right now.

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 Awesome Dude! looking forward to the report.


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Re: Solid Gold to Rusted Steel - Our Solo Trip on Colorado's 675-mile BDR
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Good stuff,  looking forward to more.