Author Topic: 4Runner rear shocks?  (Read 1144 times)


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4Runner rear shocks?
« on: December 06, 2018, 01:05:59 PM »
I've doing a bit of reading on various Pajero forums and have come across several threads where people are putting in rear 4Runner shocks (standard height) in the Gen 2/2.5 Pajero's
along with GQ Patrol springs and obtaining some really impressive flex in the rear. I believe the shocke eye bolt hole is a different size so it does require a little modification to work. Anyhow, this has really piqued my interest because of how many shocks are available for 4Runner but I don't see hardly anyone stateside talk about doing this, so I thought I'd ask the pros here if anyone has tried this?


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Re: 4Runner rear shocks?
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2018, 01:52:07 PM »
Adventure Driven Design sells mid and long travel shocks for the rear of Gen 2 and Gen 2.5 Monteros.

With the stock springs (as you probably know) the long travel shocks will allow the springs to fall out so long travel rear shocks are not advised for stock springs - solution there is longer lift springs.     Patrol springs might be suitable,  or maybe stock Montero springs with a coil spacer (from a Sequoia lift kit?)  but with Patrols not available in the USA in recent decades they're not a common source of parts for American Montero owners.   

A couple of guys have gone a step further and extended their upper shock towers, which requires a body lift and for models equipped with premium sound,  alteration of the amplifier tub.