Author Topic: Vintage Montero Picture Thread....Suggested by Toasty  (Read 159 times)


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Vintage Montero Picture Thread....Suggested by Toasty
« on: December 18, 2018, 12:16:36 PM »
This is Monty. My wife and I purchased this, our first financed car, in the spring of 1995. We were setting up to camp for our second wedding anniversary: went 1,500 miles from Redlands, CA to Flagstaff to Grand Canyon to Sedona to Pheonix, AZ, and back over Chiriaco Summit on the 10 to Redlands. The Montero avaraged 15 mpg for the trip, including trailer. We had to stop in Sedona to let the Jeep Tour Group go passed...we were going up the Staircase with a trailer...Jeep leader just frowned at us on little 215/75s next to his rumbly 350 CJ8....we had 4lo and locked the hubs, but did the trail with open axles and a trailer!

About 10 miles from home, the exhaust manifold melted due to a clogged pre-cat. The paint above crisped a bit. Replacements were still available for $600, more than our monthly income at the time. Retired Monty after 3 years, 60K miles. First of 24 Mitsubishi we've had.

Montero Ranch in the beginning. :)
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Re: Vintage Montero Picture Thread....Suggested by Toasty
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