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tperkins' 1999 Pajero Exceed

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Hey Gang,

Be forewarned this won't be much of a build thread. Apart from maintenance, I don't have many big plans for it. Maybe some HD springs in rear, crank the torsions a bit more and some 285/75/16's, rock sliders. This is my daily driver / hunting, fishing, towing ATV vehicle so I like to keep weight down, fuel efficiencies up.

I also own an evo 6, and just recently purchased an evo 5 for a project car. If you're interested you can follow along on those on my instagram:

I will start at the start!

Prior to this, I had basically always DD'd Tacomas, but the first gens haven't dropped in price in like 8 years, and I just couldn't justify the cost and then being stuck with rotty frames.

Most recent Tacoma, I had it for 6 years, 160,000km (from 120,000 to 280,000), was a great truck.

Unfortunately, frame rotted out. I did my best to get Toyota Canada to replace it through the recall, but was unsuccessful. Supposedly the recall was two stages, first stage was an anti corrosive spray, second stage was replacing frame if it still rusted following anti corrosion spray. Now, I got it 6 years prior and when I did the frame had been sprayed, unfortunately I had no records of this and Toyota Canada conveniently keeps their records for only 6 years. Even when the service manager and shop foreman signed off that the frame was sprayed, Toyota Canada wouldn't honour the recall. I don't blame them, as it is quoted as like a 60 hour job plus the cost of the new frame, but if that had happened I would have kept the truck forever.

Anyone who has had a first gen Tacoma likely has encountered the same thing, and I would say monthly someone would try and buy it off me at a car wash or gas station, or at least insist I take their number if it was ever for sale. SO, I called my friend who is a welder / fabricator at a performance shop in BC, told him about the frame and the whole story with Toyota Canada, and he flew up the next week and drove it home. He cut out the rot, welded it up and strengthened it probably stronger than new.

That's when I started looking at trying to import a Toyota Hilux, and after losing three at auctions, on a whim I searched for Pajeros, found this one, thought it looked cool, threw out a bid which was 3-4k less than I was bidding on Hiluxes and won it.

Auction sheet:

Auction pictures:

The following week I received pictures from my exporter, of the hundred I uploaded 67 to my old flickr:

Next chapter: After it got off the boat.

After a long wait, it finally arrived, but not before some maintenance items:

Inland shipping was delayed due to weather, so it got off the truck in Edmonton absolutely filthy. First thing was to go to the car wash.

Going over it when it arrived, had some neat stuff:

Rear heater

Sweet package in the glove box from the old owner, including all the shaken inspections to date, spare keys, touch up paint. That was nice to find, vehicle was well cared for:

Fun little things, like this little flashlight:

Next day I got the daytime running lights wired up and brought it for the OOP inspection, which it failed due to cracked tires,

Luckily Mitsubishi 4x4 club of Calgary had some very nice members, one in Edmonton which leant me a set of tires, so I could pass the OOP, and go hunting.

Borrowed some tires, passed the OOP, put my old tires back on, and went hunting:

I really wasn't worried about the tires that came with it, they had lots of tread left, the cracks were very minor, and I had my friend of mine who has worked at a tire store for 13 years look at them, he also wasn't worried. Before the shop even told me the tires were cracking, they had a new set priced out and ready to send. I think they were just trying to make a buck off me, to be honest.

Good to see you here Travis. Of course I know the story already, but good to see it all laid out, with updates going forward. WOOHOO! And such a cool truck too!

Nice find! Interested on what it set you back if you dont mind.

I just noticed this has the 5spd Jatco auto.  How do you like that? 

Any idea from poking around how hard it would be electrically speaking, to swap that trans into a 4spd auto truck?


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