Author Topic: Parting '97 Montero Sport - 3.0 SOHC 6G72 / 4x4 / 5MT / 4.636 Gears / 248,000 mi  (Read 813 times)


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I purchased a '97 MS to harvest the 5MT as well as the front suspension, brakes, steering, and a few other bits for my diesel D50 project.

Nearly everything else is up for grabs, exact specs can be seen here:

Pics & video of it starting/running/idling can be seen here:

The 3.0 SOHC 6G72 motor seems to run strong, I just drove it 60 miles home and aside from an exhaust leak seemed to do just fine; the previous owner claims to have replaced the timing belt and water pump last summer but I've no way of verifying it.

Known issues:

-Exhaust has a leak, not sure where yet.
-Windsheild is cracked
-Driver's rear leaf is broken
-Interior is rough
-Key is half broken in the ignition
-Exterior seems pretty straight but the paint is rough

The rear axle would be a great swap for a leaf spring Gen 1 or MM/D50 to gain the 9" diff and rear discs, its has 4.636 gears.

The motor would be great for a swap as it still has the full wiring harness/intake/etc.

The frame/chassis seems to be straight and has a clean, clear, and signed off WA title.

The truck is parked on the side of my house and I'm hoping to pull and part everything in the next week or two before having whatever's left hauled off for scrap. That said, I don't really want a carcass on jacks parked in the yard so depending on the part, I may need to hold off on pulling/shipping parts until it's convenient; i.e one fell swoop just before it goes to scrap.

PM with needs/wants/offers, buyers to cover PayPal fees and shipping. I'm about 100 miles north of Seattle in Bellingham, WA, 98225 if anyone wants to pick stuff up.

-Transmission/transfer case/mounts
-Drive shafts
-Front knuckles/hubs
-Steering pump/box/rack/idler/pitman/tie rods
-Brake MC/booster/proportioning valve/front calipers
-Spare tire carrier


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  • '87 D50 TurboDiesel/5MT/4x4 Project


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How much for the motor? And would you ship it to NJ? Need it for my 93. 7327798931 shoot me a text


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  • '87 D50 TurboDiesel/5MT/4x4 Project
Anyone in the PNW want this chassis or motor before I scrap it?

It runs strong, started right up this afternoon after sitting for the past two months...