Author Topic: 99 Montero 3.5 Auto transmisison output shaft seal  (Read 608 times)


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99 Montero 3.5 Auto transmisison output shaft seal
« on: March 04, 2019, 06:55:12 AM »
Hey all.  Pretty sure my output shaft seal on my transmission is leaking, as evidenced by this:

I'm 99% that's trans fluid based on two things.  First, my trans fluid got low, so it's leaking out of somewhere.  Second, it doesn't smell like death, so it's not likely gear oil.  This is Ernest Paddock's old Monty, so I'm 101% sure he used the correct type of fluids in each case.  So I've been trying to find part numbers for the output shaft seals for the transmission.  I think I had no luck, becuase it's not listed as an output shaft seal.  I went to the Mitsu dealer in town, which is really just a Toyota dealer that has some Mitsu cars on the lot to verify what I saw in the FSM, and he seemed to agree and had no other diagrams other than what I had.  This is what is from the FSM:

And it has an oil seal labelled there as #4.  This looks to be the part I'm looking to replace.  We came up with MD609235 as the seal in question.

Does anyone have any way to confirm this?  Has anyone replaced this seal?  Is that the right part number?