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The inevitable tire size thing! Photos & specs.

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It's one of the first questions anyone has.    OMG 33's!!!

Well, let's answer it with photos; what do you have and how did you make it happen?

Sudan Beige Montero is a 2000 (Gen 2.5) on 265/70R17 (31.5"x10")  with 1" ADD lift coils in back, 1" torsion bar adjustment in front, 4.90:1 gears
Blue Montero is a 1998 (Gen 2.5) on 285/70R17 (33"x11")  with no rear lift, 1" torsion bar adjustment in front,  4.90:1 gears

Same 2000 Montero with 19mm body lift, same 265/70R17 tires.

2003 Montero w/ 235/85r16 Duratracs.  OME Medium Duty lift.  ~2"

More Montero by concealer404, on Flickr

1998 Montero.  33x12.50r15, 2" 4Crawler body lift only.
_IGP9492 by concealer404, on Flickr

Same 1998 Montero.  35x12.50r15, 2" 4Crawler body lift + ADD 2" rear springs, Sway-a-Way HD bars and cranked to level.  Front bumper aggressively "trimmed."
2019-01-08_05-34-26 by concealer404, on Flickr

- '97 SR  with 37x12.50R17
- ADD Sway Away HD Torsion bars cranked
- ADD 3" body lift
- ADD 2" Coil springs
- 5.29 gears

89 SWB with 33's although the offset isnt the best. I get steer rub. Stock suspension. Ill be running a narrower wheel with this tire size. Has stock 4.63 ratio and 5 speed. Climbs just fine.


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